Smoking Cigarettes: No More I Quit!

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Before I go any further, let me explain as to what I am talking about. For those of you that have read my last piece of poetry called Cigarettes, you know that I am an addicted smoker that has tried to quit smoking cigarettes many times without success. Well, I did it again, and this time it is for good.

For quite awhile now I’ve been keeping tabs on my habit by counting the amount of cigarettes that I smoke in a 24 hour period. I have also been tracking the amount of times per week that I went to the store to buy a carton of cigarettes and how much it was costing me. But before I tell you my costs, please note that I was not the only one smoking the cigarettes from each of the cartons that I bought, my wife and my grown daughter was also smoking them. Incidentally, my wife also decided to quit on the same date as I did, but my daughter chose to keep on smoking without me supporting her habit. All I can say is I have a feeling she’s going to be the next one quitting once she sees’s that money dwindling from her account, because I will not support her habit any longer.

O.K. by now you might be wondering to yourself as to why I am writing about this subject. Well, unless you are a smoker or an ex smoker you probably won’t appreciate this, but if you’re reading this I sincerely appreciate it no matter what category you fall in. Here is a little history about me and my habit. I have been smokingcigarettes for approximately 24 years now. I retired after a 20 year career in United States Army as a smoker. And I probably smoked about a pack and a half a day since I started 24 years ago. Please bare with me now while I give you the rough number’s now as to how much I have really smoked during the last 24 years.

Well, I figured that since 1985, the year I started smoking, I have bought roughly 2,500 cartons of cigarettes to support my daily habit. And although I really don’t know exactly how much it has cost me, I’ll try to just do some simple math to figure it out to give you a better picture. So, to put a price on that many cigarettes at today’s prices, which with taxes, my cigarettes were costing me $43.00 a carton, that times the 2,500 cartons, the grand total would be well over $107,000. Now, I know that it is probably a lot more than I have spent in the last 24 years due to cigarette prices being lower and gradually increasing over the years. But, if you think about it for a moment, the $107,000 is nothing compared to the price that someone who decides to start smoking right now, today and continues to smoke for the next 24 years. Just think about that one.

Now, today is day three for me and I am feeling pretty good. And as mentioned in my previously published poem, I’ve tried everything to help me quit and this time is no different. I am currently on the patch and I do have the gum as well. I do not chew the gum at the same time I have the patch on. I only chew the gum when it is not possible for me to put the patch on. I plan on being on the patch for approximately 10 weeks total. At the 6 weeks mark, I will step down to a lower dosage for 2 weeks and then to the final even lower dose for the last two weeks. I am taking each day, one day at a time and remaining positive about everything. I have changed my routine for the last couple of mornings and it is working pretty well. I have implemented a daily exercise routine, so that I can get out and get fit and that is working pretty well. I already feel my body changing as I have more energy even after only three days.

I am writing this article because I find that it is good therapy for me while I am trying to kick this smoking addiction.  If you are reading this article and are in the same situation right now and can relate to me and you would like to tell your story, please feel free to convey your comments here.


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