Enforcing Boundaries and it’s Importance

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Once you have established the boundary you need in a relationship for it to be healthy you need to be consistent. Consistency is the key for people who deal with boundaryless individuals in their life. Over time, they will see your consistency.

Be firm with what you desire in having healthy, respectable relationships. This is the step that requires steadfast will. Family members or close friends may give you resistance when you try to stay steadfast against their unhealthy patterns of trying to pull you in hundreds of directions emotionally, physically, or mentally, but stay true to what you desire and what you are trying to establish them. A healthy boundary is not easily established especially if its been years since living within healthy scenarios. The process may take time and may cause stress, tension, even frustrations. There are many families and relationships who suffer extreme amounts of chaos and dramatic behavior because they are living lives without discipline and boundaries.

Try to be patient when dealing with those around you who do not understand that your trying to establish a better way of life. Stick to your beliefs and how you want to live your life now that you recognize healthy boundaries are essential. It is most likely that your stance on enforcing a healthy boundary will not be easily accepted by those closest to you that have never lived with boundaries. Resistance and anger may arise within your relationships, however, to ensure that you enforce the boundary you need to remain firm in your decisions and be honest with those you care about in getting your point across that you desire to live a life with healthy boundaries.


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