How Computers Are Being Used Today

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It’s no surprise to anyone that in today’s households the ratio of computer’s to televisions are pretty much equal. One doesn’t have to guess as to why this is; after all, the computer has become more of an asset to people then their televisions. Yes, granted most people watch television for the sheer entertaining and learning aspect of it, but if you think about it for a moment, people use their computers for the same things and a whole lot more these days.

There are many ways computer savvy and not so computer savvy people use their computers today. For a person just being introduced to the computer, it may be their new way of simply wanting to keep in contact with family and friends. Of course, we all know that the ability to send and receive email requires an Internet connection and this would entail a sign up for Internet services from a local provider. This isn’t a big deal, because 99.9% of computer user’s are connected to the Internet anyway. One of the biggest computer crazes of today is on line socializing. There are many websites that offer on-line socializing and many give the user the ability to personalize their little piece of the web called their profile. It allows the user to use their creativity to, as some call it, “pimp their pages” for other’s to look at and rate. The uniqueness of user’s profiles stimulates conversation and even more creativity amongst the users of social sites. In my opinion, the enjoyment behind the concept, being able to keep in touch with people from around the world and a sense of competition is the biggest reasons why it has gotten so popular for computer users today.

Another way many people are using their computers is to play games. Gamers make up a huge percentage of computer users and with today’s computer graphics and user friendly interface; it gives the user playing the game a sense of competition unlike no other one has experienced before. People are also using their computers for knowledge and research. I can remember back in the 80’s when encyclopedia sales were booming; virtually every household on my block had a bookshelf full of them. Now, in my opinion there’s no need for them to be sitting there collecting dust. Don’t get me wrong, they came in handy back then for research papers or general information for school, but now computer’s and the world wide web gives you those needed resources and a whole lot more.

Many people also use their computers for business purposes and incidentally, many businesses require their employees to have computer skills as well. A computer with the proper business software can keep businesses running very smoothly.  From scheduling appointments to printing receipts and tracking sales, computers have become a necessity and a valuable asset for most businesses today. And whether a person or company has a typical brick and mortar business or a home business, the time saving aspect of using the computer pays for itself. Additionally, with today’s need for businesses to have an on-line presence, more businesses have increased their sales and clientele by developing a business website.  Business owners may hire someone to develop their websites or to keep operating costs to a minimum; they even develop their own websites if they have acquired those necessary webmaster skills. But no matter what avenue they take computer savvy business owners tend to be more productive and profitable with an on-line presence today.

Let’s face it, television as we know it will never go away and will only get better as technology breakthroughs are discovered, same goes for our computers. They are getting more affordable, faster and more user friendly every day. Having a good computer and the computer skills to use it has become one of a person’s most valuable assets in society today.


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