Make your own wooden children’s blocks

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The first step in the process of creating your own wooden blocks is to find the right size blocks that you desire for your child. You can pick up plain, unfinished, wooden blocks at any craft supply store. The sizes may vary with wooden blocks but 1-2 inch wooden blocks work the best for this project and little hands.

Secondly, you want to pick out a stencil that will fit your blocks. Using a stencil helps keep everything uniform and your letters or numbers very neat. Use a pencil and trace the outline of your number, letters, or shapes you desire to place on your blocks. It works best if you hold a stencil up to the blocks first to make sure you can center the letters or numbers.

Next you will want to pick out paint colors. Craft supply stores offer a wide variety of styles and paint for all types of surfaces. I have found that for this type of project the paint pens work the best. The pens will allow you to get a fine line when painting your letters, and they dry quickly.

And lastly when finishing up your wooden blocks, make sure you give enough time for the paint colors to dry before using or turning the blocks. Some of the paints will run into the other colors if not given ample time to dry. Once they have set for about two hours you can give them to your child to play and the paint will be totally dry at that point.Make sure that the paint is not sticky or can get in their mouths.


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