How to Make a Salad Your Kids Will Eat

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Spinach leaves or romaine lettuce (most kids don’t like the hearts of romaine or iceberg lettuce)
  • ranch dressing
  • bacon bits (make sure it’s real bacon)
  • crushed hardboiled eggs
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • garlic croutons

Step 1

Place three or more eggs into a pot to hardboil. These should be ready in about 7-10 minutes.

Step 2

While the eggs are boiling, start choppong the salad leaves into child-friendly pieces, if they aren’t pre-shredded from the bag.

Step 3

Pour a generous helping of bacon bits into a bowl. Do the same with the croutons in another bowl, and the shredded cheddar in another bowl. Have the ranch dressing at the ready.

Step 4

By now the eggs should be done boiling. Drain the pot of its hot water and fill it with cold water and let the eggs sit for five minutes. After five minutes, put desired amount of eggs into a bowl and mash them with a fork.

Step 5

Set the bowls of egg, crouton, bacon, and cheddar in a row like a mini salad bar. Place some of the salad leaves into a bowl and give it to your child, telling them to add a little bit of whichever bowl they would like. Add ranch when desired.

Step 6

This act of letting your child make his/her own salad makes them think they are choosing to eat it, rather than mommy or daddy making them eat something gross. The eggs give the added benefit of protein to the salad (and most children love eggs), while the ranch and croutons give your now-healthy eater necessary calories, which they will burn in their sleep.


<u>Tips & Warnings </u>

  • Depending on how finicky your child is, you may want to add the above condiments to the salad before handing the bowl to your child, that way the salad leaves are “hidden”, if you don’t want them to reinforce the thought in their minds that they are eating a salad.
  • You may substitute bacon for something more lean, like cut-up chicken, shredded beef or pork.

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