Howarth Village. England

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Howarth village

Nestled away just of the m62 in England stands the little village of Howarth. This village is the birthplace of the Bronte sisters, the photograph above is of the there home, they lived with there father who was the reverend Bronte who was the parson of the village church. Howarth is a lovely little English village that in the summer months is thronged with visitors from all over the world who want to see where the famous Bronte sisters lived wrote and died.

Howarth is a village that is perched on a steep incline, but do not let that put you of from visiting, for any visitor that is an invalid if there is some one to help you can get around the village without any problem. There are two entry points to the village one at the bottom of the village and one at the top of the village, so you do not have to walk up the steep hill you can park your car at the top and walk down to the bottom.

The church and the Parsonage are at the top of the steep hill and there is ample parking just a few yards away.

The village has two or three good tearooms where you can sample English scones and such like, and there are one or two English pubs that do a fine meal. Accommodation. There are one or two bed and breakfast establishments, but for good hotels, you will have to go to Leeds or Manchester that are just an hour drive away.  The countyside around Howarth has a desolate atmosphere of its own, and a traveller will get the feeling that Emily Bronte must have had as she wrote her famous books.

Now matter what time of the year you visit this village you will get a warm welcome from all the residents who are undoubtedly proud of there little village.

To get to the village you must first travel to Manchester and then get on the M62 to Leeds, which takes you to the highest point on any motorway in England after that point the motorway drops down and after a few miles, you see the signs for Howarth. Just follow the road signs and after a few miles, you will come to Howarth.

Howarth as also a railway station but it is only in use for the old-fashioned steam trains that run daily excursions up the old railway lines a good old nostalgic ride back in a time when steam was king.


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