How to wallhack counter strike: source, in minutes, VAC2 Secured!!

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Firstly, visit and download the zipped materials folder (2.11MB). This is the skin we will be applying to make your walls transparent and your smoke dissappear.

There are four key effects of this cheat:

– Materials Wallhack (Makes the walls transparent)
– Colored models (Makes the terrorists a solid bright red, and the counter-terrorists a solid bright blue, with their heads a solid bright green to make them easy to see and vivid even through walls)
– Wire Framed Boxes (makes things such as boxes, dumpsters, ladders, etc, wire framed so you can see through them.
– No Smoke (makes smoke appear as a squiggly line instead of blocking your vision)

This is a Model cheat and CAN NEVER BE DETECTED BY VAC2 as it is not illegal, simply a skin.

1. Go to your materials folder for example: C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Your Account Name\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials
2. Open the materials Cheat folder and place all folders in the cstrike\materials folder.
3. If it’s asking to overwrite say YES TO ALL
NOTE: ‘Your Account Name’ is to be replaced obviously, by your steam account’s actual name.

1. Start CS:S
2. Have Fun Owning 😀
3. Be careful when using because although the server cannot tell that you are cheating, observant players can see if you make it obvious, so try to avoid pointing your crosshair at peoples heads before they come around a corner or aiming at people through a wall. Look natural as if you dont have the cheat but don’t be afaid to finish top of the server and well ahead of the other gamers!

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