This Is Life

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This is Life

Life is full of surprises. It is filled with both memorable and not so memorable things. It’s not always spangled with stars, nor is it packaged like colorful Christmas presents that little boys and girls love to open. Like the sea, it could be placid or turbulent. It could be a saga that can create monuments that people either worship or detest. To some it could be a journey that is worth expediting and to some, a perilous voyage that never ends. What is life to you?

Throughout our lifetime we meet different people and we deal with idiosyncrasies. We choose to value and praise those whose disposition and social status can measure up to ours. We decide to rebel against and despise whoever falls short of meeting our standards. Yes, we tend to judge people according to the outcome of their doings. Sometimes we fail to understand; we forget to look within. We easily brand men according to their accomplishments; and they also do the same.

We count up mistakes and failure, shame and reproach–completely disregarding what’s laudable and not allowing others to have the chance to start over. It seems that it’s difficult for us to pass on good wishes to others.  But wouldn’t be it better if we take time to care and listen instead of being judgmental and/or indifferent?  Some people think themselves virtuous and blameless; oh, they never fail to sing praises to God! They enjoy having fellowship with those they choose to have fellowship with, but they never even care to say hello to someone who is crushed by despair. Probably we can help heal broken hearts and give hope to the hopeless if we just show them love and care. And probably, we can help improve lives.

Life is full of challenges. We need wisdom to be able to triumph over difficulties. We need much courage not only to be able to move on, but also to withstand a lot of things that can really hurt, like apathy, trials, ridicule, judgment, and so on. We may have different stories to tell, but we all cut and bleed.  Life is indeed a puzzle that we should struggle to put together despite the complexity of doing so. If we fall, we need to stand up and begin again.  And above all, we got to have faith that God is faithful to lift us from the mire and place us on a solid spot where we can find his love and blessings.

Life can still be very beautiful after all. Thanks to God who patiently works on lives. Because there is hope in Him, no matter how many times one has fallen, there will always be a reason to celebrate life. Life is an amazing book that contains stirring and faith-stretching chapters. It holds happy, fascinating, and inspiring sections, and it also presents unpleasant, poignant, and mind boggling episodes. All these, when put together can unfold a unique story. Life is a story authored by God; and each of us is an actor that plays an important role. I believe this is life.


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