How to Avoid a Diet Scam

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  • Step 1

The best way to avoid a diet scam (or any scam) is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. If you know how the body works, how the digestive system functions, and the effect certain foods have on your body, you don’t even need to read this.

Step 2

Avoid diet plans claiming you’ll lose 2 or more pounds a week. Apart from the scarce chances there is a diet plan that helps one lose weight so fast, doing so is extremely unhealthy and is usually dubbed “anorexic” by most experts.

Step 3

Avoid products and plans that promise you may eat whatever you wish and still lose weight. This is simply not how the body works. The only way this could work is if you exercise/burn more calories than you eat, which is the basic principle of diet and exercise. An example of this would be those high school football players that can eat three pizzas and a quart of root beer on the weekends and burn the calories in their sleep. Unfortunately, most of the world does not have a high school metabolism.

Step 4

Avoid “permanent weight loss” products. Apart from the questionable validity of this product (again, this is just not how the body works), permanent weight loss is a dangerous thing to experiment with.

Step 5

Avoid claims of products that have the ability to block fat and/or calorie absorption. Sorry to sound redundant, but your body does not work this way. These also block your body’s ability to process important nutrients. These products will actually starve you. Your body absorbs fat and calories for a reason: for you to use them as energy to do things, like exercise! The reason people die from starvation is because they are not obtaining fat/calories for the body to convert into energy to do something as simple as make its own heart beat.

Step 6

Avoid claims of products or plans that work the same for everybody. This is simply impossible. Everyone’s body is different. Water has the same effect on everyone in the sense that all who drink will become hydrated, but this is not what those plans or products mean. Even then, water does not hydrate everyone the same; some people might absorb more into their system, some less.

Step 7

Avoid anything that claims you can wear or apply a product to the body to lose weight, such as creams, patches, earrings, or wraps. This is just stupid. I’d rather have you fall for any of steps 2-6 than this one.

Tips & Warnings

  • The simple (really the ONLY) true way to lose weight/get tone is to burn more fat and calories than you eat. Apart from drinking plenty of water, that’s all.
  • Picture your body as a bank: calories are money, and the act of eating calories is like making a deposit. Exercising is like making a withdrawal. Unlike a real bank account, the goal of this bank is to keep the account as small as possible, while staying healthy.
  • Keep in mind, your body does need calories and fat. As stated above, you absorb them for a reason: for you to burn them through exercise and through the performance of bodily functions, a.k.a. a metabolism. The problem is TOO much fat and caloric buildup. Don’t view fats as a bad thing. Do not become anorexic. You need the nutrients!

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