How To Detect CryoLife Users In Second Life

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It’s no longer a secret that in the virtual world of Second Life content theft is happening all over the grid. Creations of both small and big named creators are being stolen left and right by users equipped with copybot viewers like CryoLife. What they do with their stolen content, well, your guess is as good as mine but it is likely that these rippers or content thieves will try to profit from it.

Copybot viewers are out there and there are many of them but one of the more popular of them is CryoLife. A supposedly alternative Second Life viewer created by Cryogenics that has features that allow a user to steal or export objects created by other users bypassing Second Life’s permission system. CryoLife was supposed to be used by a limited few but it has long been publicly distributed either freely or for a price. Those who knew people got it for free but there are those who paid to get a copy of this viewer that violates Second Life’s TOS.

For content creators, a viewer like CryoLife in the hands of the general Second Life public is like a terrible nightmare gone extremely wrong but what can they do? Fortunately, detection tools that can detect a CryoLife user have surfaced and the three that I know of are:

  1. Greenlife Emerald, an alternative Second Life viewer that has a built-in CryoLife detection feature.
  2. LGG’s CryoLife Detection Bot, a bot created by LordGregGreg Back that can detect nearby users who use CryoLife.
  3. CryoBan Script, a script written by a Second Life resident named Leah Mayo which takes advantage of a channel where CryoLife announces itself.

I’m sure there are other ways of detecting a CryoLife user but the three mentioned above are the ones I currently know of. Currently, I use Greenlife Emerald to detect CryoLife users and have already Abused Reported a couple of residents.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned above there are many copybot viewers out there and the above mentioned detection tools will not work on them but if you can catch one or two CryoLife users and getting them banned from Second Life then it is all worth it. One less thief is better than none, right?


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