How to Make Effective Business Cards

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Step 1

Always put contact information on your card. No matter what else is on your card, this is a must. Contact info includes: you name, company, address of company, phone, fax, and email. Include a web page address, if you have a website.

Step 2

Always include your logo (this is also a must) and be creative in its placement. Use the logo and colors of your card on stationery and other printed materials.

Step 3

Use color stock or color ink. Try to choose colors that will stand out. This does not mean choose bright colors, but choose shades, hues, and accents that will embed themselves into the memory of the receiver of the card. Make them catchy. For an elegant touch, use gold or silver accents.

Step 4

Use the back for your company (or personal, if you are the sole proprietor) motto/mission statement, brief biography, product description, or perhaps a reusable coupon. The card would have to be presented each time to use the coupon.

Step 5

DON’T cross out changes and write new information by hand. Retain your image as a professional and just buy new cards. Chalk it up to a business expense.

Step 6

DON’T put a sticker over obsolete information. Again, buy new cards.

Step 7

DON’T use neon card stock or neon colors. This makes the print difficult to read.

Step 8

If you’re willing to splurge a bit for the most effective cards, distribute a test batch to friends who wear reading glasses. You may need to enlarge the print size if their arms are too short to read the card.

Step 9

When in doubt, use thicker lettering than fine, skinny letters.

Step 10

AVOID ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, TOO MANY TYPEFACES, AND ULTRA-FANCY FONTS, SUCH AS ALGERIAN OR BRUSH SCRIPT M7. It’s obnoxious and the card is too small for that much variety.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make your card stand out from a pile, use color or mylar stock, or add some element of plastic.
  • Make an oversize card and/or make it in the shape of your product or business.
  • Make it subtly scented.
  • Be creative and unique!
  • Remember, be professional. Memorize the DON’Ts above. People will judge you (and your business) based on your card

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