The Holy Bible: The New Word – Paul’s Letter to the Galatians

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     1[1-5] From Paul, a follower, (not made so by others, nor by any human action, but by Yeshua, the Christ, and Yahweh God, the God who raised the Christ from the dead;) and all the Christians which are with me, to the churches of Galatia: May you have grace and peace from Yahweh God, and from our Christ Yeshua, who willingly died for our sins to free us from the evil that is in this world now, for the will of God, who we are from: May God be made known forever without end. So be it!

     [6-9] I can’t believe that you’re so quickly leaving your faith in the One who called you into the grace of Christ to another new word: which isn’t really another new word at all; but there are some that are troubling you, and would change the truth of the New Word of Christ. But though we, or even a messenger from heaven, were to preach any word to you other than what we’ve already preached to you, let them be damned forever. As we said before, I say so now again, if anyone preaches any other new word to you other than what you’ve already heard, let them be damned forever.

     [10-14] Now am I trying to convince others, or to please God? Or am I trying to please other people? If I still wanted to please others, I wouldn’t be the worker of Christ. But I tell you Christians that the New Word which was preached by me isn’t from the mind of any human being. I didn’t get it from a person, nor was I taught it, but it was made known to me by Yeshua the Christ. You know of my lifestyle in the Jewish religion, how that in the past, I abused those of the church of God more than anyone, and tried to stop it: And in that religion I moved ahead of many of my equals in my own nation, being more passionate of my ancestors’ way of life.

     [15] But when God, who decided even before my birth to call me by grace, was pleased to make Christ known in me, so that I might preach the Christ to the ungodly; I didn’t first go to talk it over with human beings, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were followers before me; but I went straight to Arabia, and came back to Damascus later. Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter, and stayed there fifteen days. But I saw none of the other followers, except for James, Christ’s brother. Now I say before God that I am not lying about the things which I write to you. Then later I came into the regions of Syria and Cilicia; And I wasn’t personally known to the churches of Judea, which were in Christ, even though they had heard that the one who had abused them in the past was now preaching the faith which I had tried to put an end to. And they praised God for me.

2[1-5] Then, fourteen years later I went with Barnabas up to Jerusalem again, taking Titus along with me as well. And I knew to go up by the Spirit of revelation, and told them the New Word which I preach to the other peoples, but secretly to those who were well known, in case in some way I might be working, or had been working, for no reason. But not even Titus, who was with me, being a Greek, was required to keep the tradition of having the foreskin cut off: And that was only brought up because of false believers who had unexpectedly come in, having come in secretly to see the freedom we have in Christ Yeshua, and to try to make us do what they wanted us to: To whom we didn’t give in, even for an hour; so that the truth of the New Word might stay with you.

     [6-10] But these, who seemed to think themselves something, (whatever they were, it doesn’t matter to me: God doesn’t accept anyone by their place in this world:) though they seemed to be highly respected, they gave me nothing to add to my message: But instead, when they saw that the New Word to the other peoples was trusted to me, just as the New Word to the Jews was to Peter; (because the One who worked effectively in Peter to the Jews, was the same One who was powerful in me toward the other peoples:) And when James, Peter, and John, who seemed to be the most important, realized the grace that was given to me, they accepted me and Barnabas by shaking hands on our partnership; so that we could go to the other peoples, and they to the Jews. They only wanted us to remember those who are poor; which was the same thing that I wanted to do.

     [11- 21] But when Peter came to Antioch, I stood up to him face to face, because he was wrong in that before certain ones came from James, he ate with the other peoples: but when they had come, he had withdrawn and separated himself, fearing those who were Jews. So all the other Jews did the same; and even Barnabas was also fooled by their show of tradition. But when I saw that they didn’t walk rightly in the truth of the New Word, I said to Peter in front of them all, if you, being a Jew, live like the other peoples, and not as the Jews do, why are you trying to get the other peoples to live like the Jews? We, who are Jews by nature, and not like the ungodly ones of the other peoples, know that people aren’t made right by the what they’ve done in the Word of God, but by their faith in Yeshua the Christ, just as we’ve believed in Yeshua the Christ, so that we might be made right by our faith in Christ, and not by anything we’ve done out of the Word of God, because no one is made right by what they’ve done out of the Word of God. But if, while we’re being made right by Christ, we ourselves are also found to be sinners, does that show that Christ is spreading sin? Never! For if I do again the things which I have already stopped doing, I make myself a sinner. So I die through the Word of God, so that I might live for God. And even if I am put to death with Christ: I live; though not I, but it’s Christ who lives in me: and the life which I now live in the body I live by my faith in the Child of God, who loved me, and willingly died for me. So I don’t make the grace of God have no purpose, because if my goodness were to come by my obedience to the Word of God, then the death of Christ would be meaningless.

     3[1-6] You stupid Galatians, who has tricked you into not obeying the truth, who have already been shown that Yeshua the Christ has been put to death for you? I only want to know this; did you receive the Spirit by what you’ve done out of the Word of God, or by the hearing of faith? Are you so stupid? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now completed by what you do with your body? Have you suffered so many things for nothing? If in fact, it was for nothing. So does the One who gives to you the Spirit, and does the amazing things among you, do it because of what you do out of the Word of God, or by the faith that you have in what you hear? It is just like when Abraham believed God, and God thought of him as good because he believed.

     [7-14] So don’t you know that only those who have faith are the children of Abraham. And the Word, knowing ahead of time that God would forgive the ungodly because of their faith, preached the New Word to Abraham, saying, In you every race of people will be blessed. So then those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, who believed God. Whoever thinks they are made right by what they do are cursed because the Word says, “Everyone that doesn’t continue to do everything which is written in the book of the Word of God is cursed.”  It’s clear that no one is made right by the Word in the sight of God, because “Those made right will live by faith.” But outwardly obeying the Word of God isn’t from faith: but “the person that obeys it will live by it.” Christ has saved us from the curse of the Word of God, by being made a curse for us because the Word says, Anyone who hangs on a tree is cursed: so that the blessing of Abraham might come to all the other races through Yeshua the Christ; and so that we might get the Spirit that was promised by our faith.

     [15-22] So, everyone, what I am saying is like when other people make agreements; even though it’s only a human agreement, still if it’s confirmed, no one can take away from it, or add anything to it. Now it was to Abraham and “the seed” that the promises were made. The Word didn’t say seeds, meaning many descendants; but one descendant, “And to your seed”, which is Christ. And what I am saying is this; that the promised agreement, which was confirmed by God in Christ, can’t be taken away from, making the promise have no purpose, by the Word of God, which came over four hundred years later. For if the inheritance is by the Word of God, it’s no longer by the promise: but God made the agreement with Abraham by promise. So why then do we have the Word of God? It was given to us to show us what sin is, till the promised descendant came to those whom the promise spoke of; and it was set down by angels in the hand of a human mediator, Moses. Now God is one, and one party doesn’t need a mediator. Does the Word of God then go against the Promises of God? Never! Because if there had been given a law which could have given life, the truth is, goodness would have come by that Word. But the Word has put all under the curse of sin, so that the promise by faith in Yeshua the Christ might be given to those who believe.

     [23-29] But before faith in Christ came, we were kept by the Word of God, waiting for the faith which would later be made known. So the Word of God was like our schoolteacher to bring us to faith in Christ, so we could be made right by faith. But now that faith is here, we no longer need to be taught by a schoolteacher. For you’re all the children of God by faith in Christ Yeshua, and whoever has been baptized into the faith of Christ has put on the likeness of Christ. There’s no difference between races, there’s no difference between workers or those who are free, there’s no difference between males or females because you’re all one and the same in Christ Yeshua. And if you’re Christ’s, then you’re of Abraham’s lineage, and heirs of the promise.

    4[1-10] Now I say, that as long as the heirs are children, they’re no different than a worker, even though someday they’ll have control of everything; but they’re under the control of teachers and managers until the time the parent gives them control. Even so, when we were children, the things of the world controlled us: But when the right time came, God sent the Child, born of a woman, born under the control of the Word of God, in exchange for those who were under the control of the Word of God, so that we might be adopted like children. And because you’re children, God has sent the Spirit of the Child into your hearts, which cries out to God, who cares for us like a parent. So you’re not a just a worker anymore, but you’re a child; and if you’re a child, then you’re an heir of God through Christ. Then again, when you didn’t know God, you worked for those things that aren’t really gods. But now, after you’ve come to know God, or rather after God knows you, why do you want to turn back and be controlled by the weaker things of this world? You’re still keeping the rules of your traditional holidays, and special months, times, and years. I’m afraid that I’ve wasted my work on you for no reason at all.

     [12-19] Everyone, I beg you, be like me because I’m just like you: You haven’t hurt me at all. You know how at first, through the weakness of my body, I preached the New Word to you. And you didn’t hate or reject the weakness of my body; but took care of me as a messenger of God, just as you would Christ Yeshua. So then, where is the blessing that you spoke of? I tell you that if it had been possible, you would have even taken out your own eyes, and given them to me. So have I become your enemy now, because I tell you what is true? They eagerly try to convince you, but not for your good; yes, they would keep you out, so that you might want to go along with them. But it’s always good to be eager in good things, and not only when I’m there with you. My little children, I’ll have the pains of birth over and over again until the life of Christ is created in you! I want to be there with you now and to change the way I have to speak to you because I question whether you really have the truth or not.

     [21-31] Tell me, you that want to be controlled by the Word of God; don’t you know the Word of God? The Word says that Abraham had two children, one by a worker, and the other by a freewoman. But the one who was born of the worker was born in the normal way; but the one who was born of the freewoman was given by the promise of God. These things are a symbol to us because these are two promised agreements; The first one came from Mount Sinai, which is controlled by that agreement, which is symbolized by Hagar. Hagar is a symbol for Mount Sinai in Arabia, and is like Jerusalem is now, that is, she and her children are under the control of the first agreement. But the spiritual Jerusalem which is from above is free, and is the spiritual mother of us all. The Word says, “Celebrate, you who can’t have children; break out and cry, you who have never had the pain of birth, because the deserted one has many more children than she who has a husband.” Now Christians, as Isaac was, we’re the children of promise. Just as it was then, those who are born the normal way abuse those who are born in the Spirit, now. But even so, what does the Word say? Throw out the worker and her child because the child of the worker won’t be heir along with the child of the free woman. So then, Christians, we aren’t children of the first agreement, but of the promise.

5[1-8] So stay in the freedom that Christ has given to make us free, and don’t be caught up again by being controlled by the first agreement. I, Paul, say to you, that if you’re living by the first agreement, Christ will do you no good. I say again to everyone that is living by that agreement, that they must keep every point of that whole agreement. Christ means nothing to you, who are trying to be made right by the first agreement; and you’re not living by grace. We, through the Spirit, wait for the hope of goodness by our faith, because in Yeshua the Christ, neither those who live by that agreement, nor those who live by the promise are really changed unless they’re living by faith in love. You were doing well; so who stopped you from obeying the truth? The influence they have on you doesn’t come from the One who calls you.

     [9-15] A little untruthful leaven makes the whole lump a lie. But I trust in you that through God, you’ll not change your minds: but the ones who trouble you will take their punishment, whoever they are. And I, Christians, if I’m still preaching from the first agreement, why do I still suffer discrimination? Then those who are offended by the cross would stop. I wish that they would even cut themselves completely off which trouble you. Christians, you’ve been called to freedom; but don’t use your freedom for an excuse to live in ungodly ways, but to serve one another in love. Because all the Word of God is completed in this one word, which is “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” But if you snap at and hurt one another, be careful that you aren’t completely destroyed by one another.

     [16-26] So what I’m saying then is this: Walk in the Spirit, so you won’t do the sinful things you would naturally want to do. For what you naturally want to do fights against what the Spirit wants you to do, and the Spirit fights against what you naturally want to do: and these are fighting against one another: so that you aren’t able to do the things that you want. But if you’re led by the Spirit, you aren’t controlled by the Word of God. Now the things that you’ve done in your natural self are plain: Adultery and other kinds of sexual sins, all kinds of evil and filthy things, worshiping other things falsely, witchcraft, hateful differences, cruel jealousy, thoughtless anger, fighting and rebellion, untruthful beliefs, envious greed and murders, drunken partying, and other things like these: of which I tell you as I’ve also told you in the past, that those who do these kinds of things won’t inherit the realm of God. But the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, helpfulness, self-control: there’s no law against these kinds of things. And those who are Christ’s have put to death the natural wants and likes of the physical body. So if we live in the Spirit, let’s also walk in the Spirit. Let’s not want the meaningless recognition we get from others, stirring up each other, and being greedy for what others are or have.

6[1-6] Everyone, if someone is being controlled by a fault, you who are spiritual, try to bring this one back with a gentle spirit; carefully remembering that you may also be tempted. Help one another with your problems, and you’ll do the Word of God by your faith in Christ. And if some are proud of themselves, when they have no reason to be, they mislead themselves. So let everyone judge their own actions, and then they can be proud of themselves without thinking of themselves as better than others. So let everyone take care of themselves as they are able. And let those who are taught by the Word share with those who teach them all the good things they have been given.

     [7-10] Don’t be misled; God’s Word won’t be taken lightly, because whatever someone does, they’ll get back more of the same things. Whoever does whatever evil they want to do will get back whatever evil they do; but whoever does what the Spirit wants will get everlasting life from the Spirit. So let’s not get tired of doing good because we’ll get what we work for in due time, if we don’t give up. So let’s do good things to everyone as much as we can, especially to those who are in the family of faith.

     [11-16] You see how large the letters are that I’ve written to you with my own hand. Those who want to be seen by what they do outwardly, are those that are trying to convince you to live by outward rules; but only because they would suffer discrimination for the cross of Christ. Those who do these things don’t even obey the Word of God; but they want you to obey it, so that they can brag about making you do it. But may I never brag about anything but the cross of our Christ Yeshua, by whom the ways of the world are put to death in me, and I die to the world. In Christ Yeshua neither those who live by the first agreement, nor those who live by the promise are changed at all unless they are changed into a new person. And whoever lives by this rule, peace and mercy be on them, and on the new people of God.

     [17-18] So let no one give me trouble from now on because I have on my body the scars of Christ Yeshua. Everyone, May the grace of our Christ Yeshua be with your spirit. So be it!


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