How to Effectively Remember Someone’s Name

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Step 1

When meeting someone, make it a point to pay attention to their name. Keep it in the back of your mind that you may need to know their name in the future.

Step 2

When meeting someone for the first time (or the hundredth time, if you still can’t remember the name), say the person’s name a few times when talking to them. If you’re introduced to someone and they say, “Nice to meet you. My name’s Mark,” reply with, “Hi Mark, great to meet you,” or “It’s nice to know you, Mark”.

Step 3

Ask the person about their name. If it’s an unusual name, like Zornelius, Froble, Yokaria, or Shoggie (yes, those are real names), ask about its origins or its meaning.

Step 4

Ask about the dynamics if the name in conversation. Ask, “How do you spell your name Stephen- with ‘ph’ or a ‘v’? or “Do you prefer to be called Katie or Katherine?”

Step 5

If it helps you, associate the name you are trying to remember with a mental image or another word. Often people associate a new person’s name with the name of the person who introduced them.

Step 6

When in doubt, simply ask someone what the other person’s name is. Everyone forgets names. But remember this: if you don’t know/remember what the person’s name is/was, utilize the steps above. NEVER try to look cool and sophisticated by walking right up to someone and saying, “Hey Mark. Good to see you again!” While it is true that most people are impressed when you remember their name, it’s not worth it if you get the name wrong. IF YOU AREN’T 100% SURE OF SOMEONE’S NAME, ESPECIALLY IN A FORMAL OR PROFESSIONAL SETTING, FOLLOW THE STEPS ABOVE.


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