Top 5 Firefox Addons For Netbooks

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With netbooks gaining a bigger percentage of the portable computer market share, its no wonder so many people are looking into ways to save screen space on their tiny screens. While the industry standard for these screens has progressively grown, there are many netbooks which hang around the resolution size 1024×600. This screen size is standard for many Acer, Dell, MSI, and Asus netbooks, which is why maximizing space is so important.

Since netbooks are designed to be mini-laptops many people only use them for basic internet & chatting. This is great, but did you know that more than 25% of your netbook’s screen may be taken up by your browser’s functions, instead of the webpage? These top five Firefox addons were designed with netbook users in mind.

1. Omnibar– Omnibar combines Frefox’s built in search  box with your address bar. In addition, you can query any search engine by using the @ operator before your search engine of choice. For example, “@google red barns” would search google for the term, red barns. Currently, Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia searches are supported in this manner.

In addition to getting rid of the redunant search box, Omnibar also offers a slimline preview of all of your previous websites visited, saving you nearly 50% space when typing in your address bar.

2.Personal Menu – Personal Menu is a great space saver, as it hides your Menu Toolbar (File, Edit, View, etc.) in a small button which you can place along with your forward and back buttons on your address bar. Since most of these options are used rarely, having them hidden in the form of a small button saves you quite a bit of space. The great thing about this addon is that many themes provide a custom button to go along with it.

3. Download Statusbar – The default Firefox download window pretty bulky, not to mention its in a separate window, which means you have to constantly click it if you want to check the status of your downloads. You can remedy this problem by installing Download Statusbar. This addon works by turning your entire Firefox download window into a handy little bar which sits above your status bar. It is only visible when you have a download going, and the moment your download completes and you double click it, the bar disappears. In addition to displaying the file name, you’ll also see your download rate, and your estimated time remaining.

4. Fast Dial – Fast Dial adds Google Chrome bookmark funtionality to your blank pages when you open a new tab. With Fast Dial, you’ll be able to set any number websites you frequent in a small thumbnail, instantly available when you open a new tab. This saves you from having to keep your bookmark toolbar visible, as any time you want to visit one of your favorite sites, you can simply click the thumbnail you set up on your new tab page. Fast Dial is highly customizable and will fit seamlessly into any customization of your browser.

5. Stylish – Stylish opens a world of possibilities for the webpages you frequent. If you’ve ever wanted to change the appearance of a website to better suit your tastes, then Stylish is for you. With Stylish, you can redesign thousands of popular websites like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, DeviantArt and others, all to suit your needs. One of the best features of Stylish is that many of the user styles which are created are designed to clean up web pages so they look better. Some of these styles are designed specifically with netbook users in mind.

There are absolutely too many great Firefox extensions to list when it comes to picking the best for a top five list, so here are a few more which are great for netbook owners for offering space-saving functionality.

Runner-ups:Fission, Smarter Fox, Tabs Open Relative, Google Redesigned


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