RuneScape F2P: Cutting, Burning,selling, and Buying Willow Logs

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Willow logs

They are one of the most widely used items in Runescape’s F2P game. Despite it’s economic slump, it is great for woodcutters and fire makers alike. This guide will give you the heads up on what you need to know about willow logs.

I. Woodcutting

EXP per log: 67.5

Required Level to cut: 30

Recommended level to cut: 40

Info: The place where you will get anywhere with willow cutting is Draynor Village.


On the left is the willows where you can powercut. Power cutting means you cut the willows then drop them for faster EXP. On the bottom right is the where you can cut and then bank as it is very convienant. It is exactly 192,905 willows to level 99 or 10,730 to 70 all from level 30. 40 makes not difference as the amount of willows isnt as much from 30.

II. Firemaking

EXP per log: 90

Required level to burn: 30

Recommended level to burn: 30

Info: You can burn logs just about anywhere. The best place to burn though are near a bank. In that way you can easily withdraw your logs. You will need to burn, from leve thirty, exactly 144,679 willows to 99, exactly 535 willows to 45 or exactly 2,894 willows.


III. Buying and Selling


This is the graph for willows. The willow market is really a complete fail as Jagex will not allow the price to drop anymore. The lowest price for willows is 18 and the highest 19. When you buy or selling, always choose 18 or you will not receive or send out and willows at all. Selling willows takes time so selling in one big bunch  is better than selling 100 at a time. Since it you in line to selling willows, you might want to make most of it because once they get to you and their distributing you willows to buyers on the GE, if you only have 400, then you will not only make a small amount of money, you also wasted 1 to 3 weeks of waiting. In addition, for those who are woodcutting willows, you make 10k to 20k depending on your level. As for those youre buying willows, buying is easy as not everyone buys willows. If for some reason you find that you must wait, be patient as there might be people in front of you. Don’t worry, it does not take long. You cannot make any money off merchanting willows as the price does not change.


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