Do "Aliens" Really Exist?

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Scientists, Scholars, Professors, and even 15 year old boys like me have a personal idea about the universe and what is actually is out there. But our minds can only generate what we already know or seen as an influence to the image that we try to picture of an Extraterrestrial. SO I will give you my theory of Alien life and what exactly I believe it is.

Where are they?

An Extraterrestrial can be as close as Mars or all the way in a another universe. When you leave it up to chance and the ideal fact that millions of planets are made every moment in the universe, there is bound to be a a planet that can sustain life or even a planet in which the Extraterrestrial needs something like a certain element to survive. We do not know where this planet may be, or even if it is a planet considering that not everything in space is a planet. And can it be possible that this Extraterrestrial can survive without a Sun? When you calculate chance into this problem, the odds are very much in favor considering that anything is possible. We tend to underestimate that anything is possible nly because isn’t possible on Earth.

What do they look like?


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Normally the first think that comes to your mind when you think of how an Alien looks is from movies. Well the chance of that are very slim. We cannot assume that an alien will have eyes and ears and can speak English. Aliens can be as small as an Ameba or as big as Jupiter. And the chance of it having any human characteristics are very slim to most likely. We don’t know how many other planets that are like Earth and what could be the chances of that planet evolving as Earth did in the same way. We do not know.

Alien Intellect

The Alien can have absolutely no brain or maybe the intellect greater than all the human in our world combined times one million. The Alien might even be watching over us. The Alien could even be the one who created our universe, considering (once again) that there can be an unlimited amount of universe’s or none at all and we really don’t exist (radical, but can be possible). And this Alien can any shape or form that we could never imagine. It may even do things that we will never know as humans. Again it be useless too.


With our minds, we know absolutely nothing of the universe or anything at all. The ratio of what we know and what there is still to learn is the closest number to 0 (which arguably is an unlimited number). Leaving everything by chance is what will is as Human will have to do as our fate is yet to be revealed.


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