101 Things to Do Before Summer Ends!

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Enjoy your summer before it ends! There isn’t much time left to have the greatest summer of your life. I have put together the best 101 thing you can do before summer actually ends and you’ll have to go to school again.

1. Chill with some friends

2. Write a story

3. Read a book

4. Study

5. Explore you backyard

6. Eat new food

7. Listen to new music

8. Throw a party

9. Go to a party

10. Straighten your hair

11. Dance =]

12. Go to a concert

13. Learn guitar

14. Hang with your cousins

15. Scream at the sky

16. Go shopping

17. Sell lemonade

18. Buy tons of food

19. Travel somewhere exotic

20. Play hide and seek with your dog

21. Make a video of you and your friends dancing

22. Run a marathon

23. Write an article

24. Play soccer

25. Lift weights

26. Play sports

27. Eat healthy food

28. Play ding dong ditch

29. Learn to skateboard

30. Get a job

31. Help old people

32. Help young people

33. Help all people in general

34. Have a staring contest with a owl

35. Make a list

36. Get a new “BFF”

37. Sing karaoke

38. Go bungee Jumping

39. Go to six flags!

40. Go to Downy Park!

41. Join a cause.

42. Ride you bike

43. Say hi to people in the streets

44. Give a dollar to a 3 year old at the park

45. Try to crunk dance

46. Go to school?

47. Be happy

48. Make someone else happy

49. Make a emo happy

50. Start a pep rally!

51. Start a wave at the pep rally!

52. Go to a Professional Sport Game


54. Learn Karate

55. Conquer your fears

56. Clean your room

57. Clean your dog

58. Clean yourself

59. Try to DJ

60. Get a nickname

61. Make a scrap book

62. Spend time with Parents

63. Donate

64. Start a rock band

65. Wake up earlier

66. Walk a mile

67. Skip a mile

68. Jog a mile

69. Crawl a mile

70. Start a dance crew

71. Hug an old person

72. Hug a tree

73. Plant a garden

74. Plant a tree

75. Cut your grass

76. Get a new hairstyle

77. Sleepover with your closest friends

78. Have a pool party

77. Go to the beach

78. Play volleyball

79. Build an epic sandcastle

80. Knock down the epic sandcastle

81. Learn to swim

82. Babysit

83. Learn to surf

84. Go to the mall with a friend

85. Try on new clothes

86. Go on a date

87. Paint the sunset

88. Jump on a trampoline

89. Have a garage sale

90. Meet the governor

91. Build a rocket

92. Shoot the rocket

93. Apologize to neighbors for hitting them with a rocket

94. Watch the sunset

95. Become a photographer

96. Create a photo albums of your memories

97. Laugh your ass off

98. Go to the movies

99. Celebrate summer

100. Prepare for school

101. HAVE FUN!

So get off your lazy and stop playing video games and picking your nose. Go outside and just have fun!


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