Make real southern style cornbread

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  What you will need before you start:

Cast Iron Skillet

Oven, fireplace, or woodstove

2 cups cornmeal(yellow or white)

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups buttermilk

1 beaten egg

1/4 cup vegetable oil


Now this is a very serious matter in the heart of most southerners. We take as much pride in our cornbread as we do our appearance or grits. So if you are going to make this recipe you are going to have to make some sacrifices. One is procuring a real, black, seasoned, iron skillet if one has not been past down for generations like in my family. These skillets are available at antique auctions, antique stores, and sometimes for reasons unknown yardsales. So if you have a new Lodge skillet someone gave you at your wedding, fry eggs in it but get an old CAST IRON skillet for this recipe. Hope I made a point with people who do not know about these things.

 Take 1 tablespoon vegetable oil from your 1/4 cup and add to mixing bowl. Now mix other ingredients with a spoon not a mixer, just mix as well as possible and it will be ok. Take a dry paper towel, dip quickly in remaining oil and wipe pan down(the whole inside). Now pour remainder of vegetable oil in skillet and put in heat, if in the oven which is probably going to be most of us will be using we will want a 425 degree temperature. Heat until you can take small bit of batter, drop in skillet and it should fry to top immediately. If so pour batter in and immediately return to heat. Shake around slowly to ensure even batter level in pan. Usually 23-28 minutes is your time. you may have to play with this a little but you should have an even fried crust on bottom and be golden brown and a little rough on top when ready. Remove from heat, make sure you have been using potholders while handling cast iron skillet. If you have not by now you will by now be or in the burn ward one… Let cool about ten minutes and flip whole bread onto a plate. it should come out whole leaving nothing in pan. Now slice like pie, sit your butter and a knife out, and enjoy this southern delicacy…


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