Allow Students to Opt Out of LGBT Curriculum

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I came across this article (,2933,521209,00.html?test=latestnews) today that had me belittled on how a school board will not listen to the parents or even take into consideration that not allowing parents to opt their children out; is against their rights.

What could I possibly be talking about you might ask. They want to teach children as young as 5 years old about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender) issues, all because they feel that this will lessen or even stop bullying on the playground. How the hell is teaching LGBT issues going to stop children from bullying each other? 

Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. No matter what people do it will always be around. Yes, it has taken a step up since Internet has been introduced. But I also feel parents are protecting their children too much, because they don’t want their self-esteem to be ruined. How is a child going to learn how to voice their opinion and handle being rejected or how are they going to learn to stand up and learn that they themselves are the ones that make their own happiness. Yes, being bullied is hard, I was bullied, but I learned how to accept that I was different than them even; though I was the same race, financial background and so forth. The teasing and taunting went on even through high school. Where I was called worse and even meaner names. But you learn to look within yourself to find out who you are and not to find who you are through what people think or say about you.

But how does teaching LGBT even to children as young as 5 going to stop bullying? It won’t it will actually teach them newer words to call people. I remember when we learned the word gay, and from there we would call each other gay if we did something stupid. Or when we learned about sex and we considered the word “It” to mean sex. So any time someone said the word it, we would sit back and snicker and think of sex.

How is that parents are able to opt their children out of sex education but when it comes to LGBT issues the parents will have no rights and their children will be forced to listen to the book the school board wants to read to the students.

Isn’t America based on Freedom and Rights? Don’t we all have the right to think and have our own option on how we feel about things. So why are these children going to be forced into listening into something that they at such a young age probably know nothing much about expect through the TV or what they might hear through the parents. They also might be able to comprehend what they are being taught, and possibly turn it into something else within their minds. Why do the schools have to force this subject and force these students to hear it; but when it comes to heterosexual sex ed, parents have the rights to say no they don’t want their children to hear about sex ed. But because so many people feel so strongly about LGBT issue, that they, the parents don’t want their children to taught about this subject, that they are being forced.

If this is allowed within the school then why can’t Christianity be taught? Why can’t Christmas plays about Joesph, the Virgin Mary, and the birth of Jesus be allowed in public schools. Other religions are being taught about in school but Christianity is being shoved to the back as if its been black balled to the education world. When in fact it’s is protected when it comes to discrimination, which is the reason that they say they are going to teach LGBT issues in the school because its a protected.

Fine its protected but let the parents have the right to opt their children out of the class discussion, if the parents choose to do so. The school shouldn’t make it where they are unable to opt out, because than they are forcing children to listen to something that they might not understand at that age and it could confuse them even more, especially at the young age of 5.

We have became so politically correct that we no longer have Halloween Parties, Christmas parties, or any sort of holidays celebrated at school, oh they still have them but they are called Harvest Party, or Snow Fest Party. If we continue on this path the majority will become the minority and the minority will become the majority. And the voices of the people will forever be lost under the blanket of being Politically Correct.


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