What is the Future of Jon and Kate Plus Eight?

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We’re all watching the situation unfold before us. Some of us have watched this show from the beginning, while some of us have simply been scanning over some of the episodes that have been on TV so far. Some of us have been reading US weekly, Star, or some other tabloid to get the update on their family life. Some of us while reading the articles only shake our heads in sadness in how this family is falling apart, while some us are saying its all Kate’s fault or Jon’s fault, or both. A lot of us hopefully are wondering what kind of affect this is having on the children.

All children no matter the age are affected by a parent accused of cheating, has cheated, or the parents are headed towards divorce. No matter what happens the children will be affected because of how the parents are handling the situation, which in my opinion isn’t the best or even the decent way to handle it.

I watch Season 5’s first episode in hopes of seeing that the parents, mainly Kate in my opinion was handling the situation that laid out before them. I was thinking that this being their 6 youngest children’s birthday party that they would at least try to get along and co-exist with communication for the benefit of their children. The only time they, mainly Kate, interacted with Jon, were during the family picture. Even than the picture taking time was disturbed by one of there oldest daughter, getting up and marching off, what looked to be to be in anger and frustration. A child knows when families, mainly parents, are acting nice just for show so that people around them won’t guess what is going on.

A lot of people are saying that they should stop doing the show to put their family back together. How about instead they go to marriage counseling and show how a broken family can be mended again. But they can’t hide or edit out the nitty gritty stuff. If they want to work this out and keep doing this show than they need to be willing to bear all and show that they aren’t the perfect family that Kate likes to make it seem that they are. But knowing how this family runs they will edit out the whole marriage counseling parts that make them seem like terrible people that don’t have the perfect life that they want people to think that they have.

If they do choose to leave the show and put their life back together, which we all have a feeling, most likely won’t happen. They will be back where they were when they first had the sextuplets, struggling financially. I don’t think they will get divorced either, because most likely they will lose their show; thus, no longer making any money. So, most likely they will ride the show out as long as they can till TLC cancels them, because their ratings will drop from people no longer watching. Oh the ratings for a while will be higher than usual because people want to see what will happen, but after a while their interest will dwindle away, and their ratings will drop.

We as a society might think we know what the answer is to save their marriage, but in all truth we don’t. Only they will know or at least they will figure it out through the stumbling steps it will take to save their marriage, if they choose to save their marriage. If they choose not to, I pray that they will do their best to remain civil around their children, no fighting, or belittling each other. They need to find a way to remain civil around their children, because if their children see them fighting, it most likely cause damage to their future feelings about marriage. Plus the psychological damage it can cause them. I also hope that whatever choice the parents make about their marriage, that they will have the children go through therapy so that they can express their feelings.

I feel for the children more than I do for the parents. Kate is a control freak and needs to learn how to express her feelings in a whole other way. She yells, belittles, and treats her husband as a child. While Jon doesn’t do much to stand up for himself, he probably did at first. But after while he found it did little good. He also needs to find a job that will satisfies him and makes him feel that he is helping his family financially. He also needs to learn how to tell Kate how he feels when she goes off on him. Both of these parents need to learn a new way to communicate with each other, because even if they choose to divorce; they will most likely marry someone just like the person that they divorced.


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