Deception in the Window Replacement Industry

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Deception in the Window Replacement Industry

As every homeowner knows, sooner or later you will either want to or have to replace your windows. Whether it is for upgrading to the newest, energy efficient windows, or maybe because for the simple reason the windows currently installed in your home are outdated, the end result is the same: you will have to find a window replacement company to do the installation. Homeowners will find many window replacement companies, advertising many various styles of replacement windows. Some windows are room specific, others are basic. Looking for a basement window? You might install a Hopper Window. Casement windows are popular because they can open fully. Homeowner wants to maintain their privacy while letting in the breeze and light may opt for an Awning window. Whichever window the homeowner decides on, pick the window replacement company carefully. Many window replacement companies advertise “any size replacement window installed” for as low as $185. This is a common grabber for the uneducated homeowner who is shopping around for replacement windows. Premium White Vinyl Double Hung windows that are advertised for $185 is a marketing technique used to capture the attention of the homeowner just so the window replacement salesperson can get his/her foot in the door. Once the door is open and the negotiations start that is when the true prices of purchasing and installing the window replacement’s is discovered. Generally, double hung windows, such as the one I have described, can go anywhere from $271 to $2,400, depending on the size and of course the style and the company you buy from. The false number of $185 any size installed is ludicrous. In today’s economy and market, it is harder and harder and way more expensive to reach homeowner’s than it was 20 years ago. So, what is the window replacement industry doing to get their phones to ring? Well, they are advertising any size window installed for a set amount of money. They are deceiving the public, they are programming the homeowner, and the homeowner is taking it, unwillingly, hook, line, and sinker. Homeowner’s need to be aware that the window replacement industry is a very competitive industry, which ultimately can breed dishonest operators.  They really need to do their homework before calling the first window replacement company they read about. I have complied a short list of the basics of buying replacement windows. 1. Get an Estimate. No one likes to get estimates, but it is a safe bet to get at least three to five estimates, this is not a time to be lazy, getting the correct amount of estimates puts you in the driver’s seat. The good news is getting window replacement estimates is fairly easy, and most salespeople will bend over backwards to accommodate you. 2. Know your target. Do not let the salesperson tell you which window needs to be replaced, do your homework, inspect your windows yourself, know what you want and tell the salesperson upfront. Even the most honest salesperson might be tempted to push that extra window onto the estimate. 3. Find Off-Brand Windows. Encourage the salesperson to help you explore ALL the brands available for window replacements, not just the name brand windows, which can be quite expensive. 4. Sit on the Estimate. This is a time when you can take your time and not immediately act on the estimate. If you wait long enough, you might just be able to negotiate to a lower price. No matter how you spin it, if a window Replacement Company says they can install any window, any size for the said $185, it is just not realistic. It is just them trying to get into your home to up sell and what you will spend will be nowhere near the price that they advertised, it will be higher.



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