How To Stop Snoring and Get Some Sleep

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About 45% of adults snore at least on occasion. About 25% do so chronically and continuously. Men snore more often than women and the snoring problem usually worsens with age. Snoring has been the cause of many marital and family problems, many of these due to sleep deprivation. Those afflicted with a snoring problem within the family should be wary of buying over the counter snoring remedies such as pills and sprays. There are no studies to indicate that these actually work.

Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes and natural cures that can help you stop snoring. Here are some steps you can take to alleviate your snoring condition.

1. Change the position that you sleep in. Snoring happens because the soft palate, tongue, tonsils, throat muscles and uvula rub against each other and create a vibration. When you are on your back, your tongue falls backwards and blocks air passage. Some snorers can simply turn onto their sides to stop the vibrations. The same can be said for raising your head up approximately four inches.

2. Lose weight. Losing a mere 10% of your body weight can help you stop snoring. The key here being the increased tissue around the neck. If you lose weight, you will lose the pressure that the neck tissue creates.

3. Don’t take sedatives or drinking alcohol. Anything that behaves like a sedative such as alcohol or sleeping pills will cause snoring. They suppress your drive to breathe. If you find that you snore after a couple of drinks or a sedative, cut them out.

4. Engage in steam inhalation. Sometimes congested nasal passages cause snoring. Try to reduce your congestion before you go to bed. Invest in a steam vaporizer. You can also run hot water and inhale the steam. This will loosen the mucus and clear the congestion.

5. Try nasal strips. Sometimes opening the nasal passages can help if the snoring is coming from your nose. Usually those who invest in nasal strips find that their snoring comes from the tongue or throat area, which is where it most often occurs.

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