The Remodeling Industry: Not for the Weak

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The remodeling industry is no exception. That is why individuals who are not like minded to the remodeling industry, who are not serious about getting the proper credentials and permits to do top quality jobs In today’s day and age, throwing in the decline of the economy, it is getting harder and harder to break ground into a suitable occupation. should leave the remodeling industry to the professionals.

Conditions in these economy woes that we are currently experiencing have forced some remodelers’s out of business. When our economy makes a turn for the better, and the supply of work is up, many of the unemployed remodeling workers will be back. We need to do something now before that happens:

As Business owners: we need to stop giving homeowners free estimates and designs. We value our time and they should too. If homeowners already have more than three, do not supply another one. Three is enough, if homeowner’s want more, they usually are just shopping around and are not ready to do business. Do not employ illegal workers, on the flip side, do not employ individuals who could be legitimate employees; don’t pay people under the table. Report remodelers who do not obtain the insurance and permits needed, report those also who ignores code and the safety practices put in place to protect them and us. Train employees so that they can perform top-quality work. Demand employees to practice good hygiene and to take pride in their appearance on the job and in front of homeowners. This non-caring attitude sends homeowners the wrong message.

As an Industry, we need to commit to: Coming together into one trade association that is totally dedicated to and will lead the remodeling industry. Learning and enforcing/promoting laws, licensing, and regulations that will utilize the industry’s stand and reputation by setting standards for entry and to require the continual re-training, and re-qualifications for those who want to remain. Enforcing direct consequences for violators of the regulations and imposing those consequences. Work alongside industries that compliment the remodeling businesses to create a stronger breed of remodelers who can carry America’s housing stock into a more secure, stable, and energy-efficient future. It is time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Let’s leave the weak behind for the good of the remodeling industry and those who live, breathe, and sweat for it. The Professionals.


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