The Vegetarian Lifestyle

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What is the difference between a vegetarian and a meat eater? There are some drastic differences between the two. First a meat eater has a fifty percent higher chance of dying of a heart attack or stroke. Vegetarians also have half the risk of getting cancer compared to meat eaters. In a recent test scientists found that there is more bacteria on a piece of store bought chicken then on a toilet seat. The major difference is animals have much shorter intestines than humans do. Because of this a animal is able to burn out what it eats much faster than a human why is that? A human has a much longer intestine so everything we eat stays in our bodies longer.

Because of that when you eat a steak it sits in your body and rots. Meat sits in your intestines for seven years.

I have been a vegetarian for seven years and I probably still have meat in my body. Iam not vegetarian because Iam a animal activist. Iam a vegetarian because of the crap they are injecting into our food supply. Everyone just wants to ignore all the recalls recently on beef. Ask yourself how many recalls have there been on beef in the past year. The most difficult part about being vegetarian is the family. When i go home for the holidays i get a lot of crap about not eating meat. The good thing is since i have not budged my family has gotten used to it. The only problem i have is when i go out to eat. Most restaurants are not as careful with their food preparation as i would like them to be. If you are considering the vegetarian lifestyle i would do a lot of research before committing to a new life style.


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