How to Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Style

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It never fails; someone gets an ugly Christmas sweater as a gift but ugly is the new style when it comes to Christmas sweaters. This how to will provide you with some needed tips and advice to strut your stuff while wearing that stylish ugly Christmas sweater.

START A CONVERSATION: I remember vividly receiving an ugly Christmas sweater some time ago and saying, “I will never wear that!” Now, I wish I still had that sweater. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the hit of the party; you want to start a conversation, wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

CHRISTMAS PARTY THEMES: If you want to spice up a standard Christmas party, make it the theme of the party. Have everyone wear ugly Christmas sweaters. If you do not have, an ugly Christmas sweater buried in your closet then check out the Goodwill or the local thrift store. You are bound to find a treasure trove of sweaters that meet the classification of ugly Christmas sweater.

BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY: If you want to draw attention to yourself at the office Christmas party or any Christmas party for that matter, then wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

NOSTALGIA: You might want to start a collection of ugly Christmas sweater pictures for a coffee table scrapbook. It would be a great Christmas item for the coffee table during the holiday season.

CONFIDENCE: Being the only man or woman wearing an ugly Christmas sweater at the Christmas party says something; most of it I cannot repeat but it says something. You have to go in knowing you are going to draw attention (wanted and unwanted).

BRAVERY: Wear an ugly Christmas sweater that is about two sizes to small. This just adds to the fact you are wearing an awesome ugly Christmas sweater. Ladies beware; you may draw unwanted attention to yourself.

LOVE: Nothing says I love you more when you put on that sweater that your grandmother or mother-in-law gave you for Christmas. Even better, make sure you get a nice photo of you wearing the sweater with that special gift giver.


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