How to Replace Foundation Vent Screens

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When it comes time to replace the vent screens on your foundation, you can do it quickly and easily by yourself. Before any building or remodeling projects, even one as small as this, make sure you are following your municipality’s building codes. Also take into account safety equipment such as gloves or eye-protection. Make sure that you have the proper screen for your vent. Most hardware stores carry what you need for this project.

Step 1

Weather-treat the new screen. While screens are designed to sustain the elements, additional weather-proofing can increase the life of the vents and the screen itself. It is a weather treating liquid substance (similar in consistency to paint) that you apply to the screen and let dry as according to the product’s directions.

Step 2

Take the old vent off of the house by separating the vent covering from the support behind it. This usually requires a screwdriver to unscrew the vent cover and then the support behind it.

Step 3

Place the new screen over the vent backing and screw the vent back into place.

Step 4

Make sure the vent is free of any debris, such as weeds or plants. True, the plants may be more attractive than the vent, but the vent is much more likely to keep your crawl space dry and prevent mildew, so clear the area of such plants and debris.


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