Should You Neuter Your Cat

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Neutering our cats is a tough decision for some people. It’s hard to get past the human attitude that they’re taking away something that is natural for the animal. There are virtually no disadvantages to neutering your cat. The cat has no concept of what is has and what it no longer has. Being human, we understand the medical benefits and advantages to such a procedure. We ‘think’ for our animals daily. We decide when it’s time to eat, or go to the vet or change cat food.  It is up to us to ‘think’ for our cat in this case as well. Here are the some of the advantages to neutering.

Neutered cats live longer healthier lives. Female cats can live 3-5 years longer. Male cats, like humans, can develop testicular and prostate cancers. These can be agonizing and painful for your cat. If you have them neutered, their chance of developing these cancers virtually disappears.

They will no longer spray, your furniture, your clothing, your carpet and your rugs. Cat spray may very well be one of the nastiest smells on the planet. It’s not easy to get it out of your furniture or your clothing. A neutered cat does not spray.

Tomcats are no longer aggressive if they are neutered. The tom will be on the lookout for the lady in heat. He will do what he has to in order to get to her. He will fight with other toms, he will battle dogs and he will roam around in traffic. Decreased aggression means a cat that is easier to control and keep safe.

So, no spraying, no fighting and a healthier life are great reasons to neuter your cat. There is a huge overpopulation of cats and they are euthanized by the thousands every year. One more reason to neuter!

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