Uninstall Programs like Personal anit-virus simply & easily

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This  technique is especially easy for the Computer Nerd. This is a  novice friendly instructional that will show you how to delete programs like Personal anti-virus and other viruses and programs that refuse to uninstall or be removed by using the uninstall program they provide and the ones that resist your own anti-virus program’s attempts to delete from your computer.. You’ve tried the add/remove control panel and the uninstall that’s supposed to remove the program, but it DOESN’T work.  You never have to worry about it again. This technique works every time.

Go to ‘start’ click on ‘search’ type in the name of the program.
use the scroll bar to scroll down to advanced search and check ‘search hidden files’ then click on ‘search’. When the search is complete there will be a list.

Check the list and right click on each version of the program that you want to remove and click delete. One of these will tell you it can’t be deleted because it is writ-protected or some such excuse.
Right click on the unwanted file,a list of suggested things will pop up, scroll down to rename. Rename the file to: abc or 111,(any three digit name will do). then check that the file name has been changed. Then right click and delete.

How this works.
The virus or other unwanted program has defensive programming written in that won’t let you delete any program/file with it’s name. Once you rename the program/file its programming is helpless and removal is as simple as hitting the delete button.

Now restart your computer. Double check that all the unwanted programs have been removed. A quick glance at the desktop and the bottom bar should show those intrusive icons are gone.

On some viruses you may have to do this more than once.


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