The Final Destination 4

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The Final Destination was an enjoyable film, I saw it in the cinema tonight and wasnt disappointed, I wish id have got to see it in 3D but my cinema was only showing it in 2D. I must admit though I think I liked some of the older ones better, of course in many places you knew what was going to happen next but Im glad I saw it, im a final destination fan so it couldnt be missed! One thing I must say is it was action packed from the start so you know if you pay to see it at the cinema you will get your moneys worth! I thought the newest installation of the Franchise was wicked. The best part about it was the deaths. Though it lacked character development. It was in 3D so that was a plus. Go see this film if you like violent deaths and much gore! Remember how the first in the franchise surprised everyone with the girl getting hit by the bus? Yeah, no surprises are left for this one. You have to take this movie like it is…a 3D thrill ride with interesting deaths. The franchise is losing its touch with the elaborate death scenes though. You can’t go to a teen horror flick with high expectations of acting and direction, but if you put on the 3D glasses, grab some popcorn and a drink, sit back and enjoy stuff flying off the screen, then you can have fun with this movie. Check it out!



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