STOP! Sending ME Stumbles

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Many people including the readers of this article have either heard or regularly use StumbleUpon for a form of entertainment or as a way to waste time. So as the title of this article asks, will you all please STOP Sending Me Stumbles!! I know that I am not the only person out there who has this problem and if you are reading this or know someone who can benefit from it please share it with them. I am confident that you can agree that it would help make StumbleUpon a more inviting environment.

So you may be thinking, “well I only send Stumbles to others once in a while”. Well that’s fine after all, I myself like to share my own recent works as well as the rare fascinating discovers with others. However, there comes a time when a person over does this leading it to a point where it just becomes annoying. Often times it becomes so annoying that it begins to detract from the StumbleUpon experience from each individual person.

The most common culprits of this ever growing problem are new users who want to “make friends” and “become popular”. However as you may already know StumbleUpon is a very different site form others. Left unchecked these new users can quickly go from being an inexperienced annoyance to a full time StumbleUpon Spammer. Often times some users may not realise that they are becoming annoying; thus, the occasional polite reminder is often all that is needed.

StumbleUpon is an excellent tool for discovering the internet, making friends, and sharing new found ideas. When we work together we can all make this environment more exciting and fun for everyone. A common understanding leads to new knowledge for everyone in a world where we all can benefit from experience.


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