The Internet and Scientology

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As a supporter of free speech with an interest in world issues I am very interested in the ongoing “cyber-war” between Scientology and Anonymous. For those who don’t know, this war was started when videos featuring Tom Cruise we removed from the Internet.

In response to the the Internet group Anonymous used various methods as well as the Streisand effect to keep this video free. This free-speech war eventually grew into large monthly protests with various “flash-raids” in between.

The common response to this by Scientology was a tactic referred to as “fair game”. It is a tactic which is know by many to be used by Scientology against its critics to discourage any negative press. Scientology has also accused Anonymous of making bomb threats against their buildings.

I find it interesting that freedom of speech and freedom of religion can cause a disagreement about beliefs. How ever looking back at recent history we find many New Religious Movements appearing based on different ideologies. These varying beliefs can cause conflicts among people in a society, but when it come to how a religion produces its money is another topic.

If Scientology wants to be a successful religion in the future it needs to be more transparent in its operations. As only when the world can see what is happening will the world accept Scientology for what it is.

These are my opinions on this Internet based movement. Perhaps it will be the start of a new era, for the people of the Earth.


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