The Biggest Question In Life

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Many ask: What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life can be explained with five concepts and here they are:

  1. Discovering

    Discovering a meaning is one of the main meanings of life. after all if we were already told the answer to this question, would there still be a meaning?

  2. Finding

    After discovering the meaning of life you need to find it. Use your knowledge of the world around you to search for the hints to put you in the right direction. These signs come in many forms from the common “STOP” sign to a person telling you about their day.

  3. Learning

    Learning what the meaning of life is one of the most important steps in operating it. It may exceptionally improve your life or you may lose it and have to go back to step 1. You only get one chance to use each meaning life gives you so use it wisely; for the choices of today can influence tomorrow.

  4. Experience

    Understanding the meaning of life involves enjoying the experiences brought forward by life. It is commonly reported the the experience is the most enjoyable aspect of the journey. Most people recommend sharing the experience with another person before starting to find one’s own meaning in life. Sometime it even lasts until a lifelong dream comes true.

  5. Spread the Word

    Tell others about the meaning of life and spread the link to this document if you must. It is through hard work, dedication, and creativity that the meaning to life is found. Inviting others to join you on your quest will also be an enriching experience for them also. So get out there, and start searching for the meaning. You may have just read a sign, right in front of you


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