EUREKA! 10 Killer Tools to Upgrade Your Wikipedia Experience

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Wikipedia, the ubiquitous open content encyclopedia, is the largest, fastest-growing and most popular general reference work currently available on the Internet today. Although its large and widespread use is not a secret, there are many optional tools available to users that make Wikipedia more awesome than ever before.

  1. Navigation Popups


    This Wikipedia tool is one of the most commonly used. It allows you to preview the lead paragraph of an article before you click on the link to it. It also makes it easier to navigate Wikipedia in a simpler and more comfortable manner.

  2. WikiEd


    This is a must have tool for Wikipedia editors who use Firefox. It allows for a more organized approach to editing by separating Wikimarkup from the main text of the article. It also expands the amount of editing tabs in order to make editing easier for everyone.

  3. Wikiseek Extension for Firefox


    With Wikiseek you can search Wikipedia for a topic of interest and receive other related articles as well. It also searches for external links within the articles, so you know that the information you receive is as reliable as possible.

  4. Wikipedia Online Widget


    This simple and handy little tool allows a person to search Wikipedia directly from their desktop without the hassle of opening a web browser and typing in the website

  5. Edit Counter


    This tool counts the edits made by a Wikipedia user and counts where the edits take place. It also shows the editing frequency by month.

  6. Tools/Alternative Browsing


    It is also possible to browse Wikipedia using WAP, a simplified format especially designed for use with mobile devices.

  7. Wikirage


    Wikirage is an interesting as well as useful website that provides an overview of the most heavily edited articles currently on Wikipedia.

  8. Wikipedia Tools


    Here are some more helpful tools “intended to simplify, make more efficient, or provide additional functionality to Wikipedians”.

  9. Browser Tools


    This is a reference for additional browser tools that are useful with Wikipedia.

  10. Cleaning Up Vandalism/Tools


    Here is a list of tools for Wikipedians who want to clean up vandalism and other harmful editing aspects on Wikipedia entries.


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