My Favorite Things: A Review of the Senseo Coffeemaker

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Living in Seattle, coined “Latte Land” for the ubiquitous espresso shop on every corner, I’ve developed a taste for foamy, flavored espresso drinks  The only problem with this little vice is that it makes a quick dent in the pocketbook at up to $4 or more for a single cup of espresso.  Happily, I’ve found a solution to my coffee woes – the Senseo Single-Cup Coffeemaker. 

I was one of the lucky few to receive a Senseo Coffeemaker through a promotional offer shortly after it was introduced.  I was skeptical at first, since I figured the Senseo coffee pods that are required to use the machine must be phenomenally expensive.  It turns out I was wrong.  My cups of gourmet espresso-style coffee run me less than 50 cents each, including flavored coffee creamer. 

I can easily choose how strong I want my coffee by adjusting the number of coffee pods used and the volume of water (single or double cup options).  I most often use the medium roast coffee pods on the double cup setting for a mild, flavorful brew.  No more paying $4 at an espresso stand only to find my mocha tastes more like sludge than chocolate espresso.  The Senseo produces coffee of consistent quality and strength cup after cup.  Though the Senseo is a drip coffeemaker, I find that the foamy layer it creates makes it a nice facsimile of expensive espresso, without the hassle or the cost.

If you have friends or family members who enjoy espresso or the occasional cup of coffee, the Senseo coffeemaker makes a great gift.  Combine it with a selection of different Senseo coffee pods and flavored coffee creamers.

Philips HD7810/65 Senseo Coffee Maker System – Raven Blackir?t=digest-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0006DOY9Y

How to Use the Senseo Coffeemaker


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