Options – The Key to Cosmic Life

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Life is filled with countless possibilities. (Options) A magnitude of multicolored, multifaceted, variegated paths are available at all times for your personal artistic exploration. You have not been left out! You have simply allowed yourself to become fenced in by what appears to be ‘conflicting’ boundaries. Because you chose to pursue a limiting train of thought, your life has provided you with the material to build that bridge of oppression. Nothing that you are currently surrounded by or living with has been “Put upon you.” Those things that you think are the most suppressive are in fact the numerous runways for your inevitable take-off. Stop repeating to yourself how you want to fly, when you won’t even change your hairstyle, try something new fashion, dine out in an unfamiliar restaurant, and indulge yourself in great uninhibited sex. The hindrances and obstacles you maintain you have ‘to put up with’ are no more than the pre-fabricated pessimistic ideas you alone have invented. No other person is responsible for your limiting expression of life. There’s more than one runway on the air field.

You are not in a knowledgeable enough position to evaluate properly your current circumstance. (For no other reason than the fact that you are on the same level with that person). Did you perceive yourself as something entirely different? Not so. You vibrate to what you are and have need of at the time. He/she is miserably displaying what you in actuality are afraid to admit, voice or experience. Fear is the culprit. Nothing other than the face of your oppressor is tauntingly grand staging a side of you; you don’t want to look at. You say you’re sick and tired of the same old rut. You want some real fantasy, excitement, romance interjected. NOW! You yearn to sing, dance, draw, create, laugh enjoy sex more and differently instead of moaning and groaning about what’s wrong. You feel yourself getting old fast. You feel tired, run down and plain out lousy. And, you say it’s not your fault. Not true. It’s irrevocably your fault. You want this. You need this. You love this. You would or could not have it any other way at the moment.

In fact, instead of pursuing the aims of your innermost earnest desires, you feed the flame of your despair. (A lot of drama involved in being so ‘special’) You like drama. In order to play out and survive this deceptively blatant picture you have drawn by your own hand, (including the ill-conceived thoughts conjured up by you) you must step back or up and without being emotionally attached to your self-created dilemma, laugh. That’s right! Laugh. Laugh uproariously in the midst of your seemingly prolonged agony. Change the channels. Shock yourself. Do something utterly opposite from what you would normally do. Eat half the chocolate cake. Go ahead. Can’t do that? Well of course you can. You do! You just do it in an inobvious way by venting in directions that are not so easily detectable. Listen to how many times you use the word “I” in the run of a day. You are feeling deliberating threatened and abandoned. But, it’s not the other who has crafted this so-called hurtful ordeal; it’s you.

You have allowed yourself to perceive the condition as one of being ‘imprisoned’. As if there is nothing you can do about it, ha! What a joke. The so-called prison (inescapable) part of any good movie is the best part, right? (How about the ingenuous creative ways those prisoners invent to survive and thrive?) Remember: Shaw Shank Redemption? Who doesn’t sit glued to his/her seat watching and waiting to see how the prisoner will set himself free? No worthy or enlightened prisoner remains locked up unless it is conducive and productive for his particular plight. That’s how the story goes down. For you, the hard part will be to believe that you are only temporarily restrained for reasons beyond your control. As long as you continue to mentally ‘rip and rare’ over your situation, nothing will improve or change.

Things happen all the time that you have no way of knowing why they occurred. It is not the time or occasion for you to know. And, anyway IF you were afforded such detailed privileged information, what would that do but add to your already overtaxed mind.? You’ve surely got enough on your plate without adding more. You have convinced yourself that you are miserable and unhappy. Not so! But, for the time being, you don’t want to alter your set-up. That’s right.You are perfectly content with being unsettled. Now, here’s the clincher.

You are as happy as you will ever be. Nothing on the outside of you can change that fact. Nothing will alter your state of mind. It’s all on the inside. Did you forget? You are simply bored, restless and plain out undecided. That’s perfectly alright, too. Everything is all right. Stop thinking something is coming down the road that is better or more. The train has done come, sister. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breathe all the way through to the back of your head down to your toes where all sensations are registered. IF you inhaled strongly enough, you will be surprised with what you smell. (Surprisingly, nothing in the vicinity of your present surroundings.) You will smell the scent of the divine operating in you. You don’t have to go anywhere. You are carrying the sacred essence. Express it. What did you smell? Be specific. It is your clue. Listen to the very next song on the radio or commercial on the television. What is it?

A ferocious lion caught in a net cannot free himself. Neither can you, nor do you want to. Stop with your ridiculous roaring. “Ain’t nobody scared of you!” All you really are accomplishing is exhaustion, confusion and depression. Can’t you invent a more dazzling way to spend your time and entertain your people? What appeals to you? What do you consider sexy and enjoyable? What could you NEVER imagine yourself doing? Do that first. One of the viable possibilities afforded to you is to stop participating in the mind game of inwardly sulking over every issue that is brought up. You DON’T really care; why do you carry on like you do? Go along with it. Change your present mindset. Treat your life as an unknown spontaneous adventure. Belly up. Pierce it, if need be.


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