Obesity – Is it all in the genes?

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Allow me to present an object lesson. These two rubber bands are the same in some ways. They are both made of stretchy rubber. They are also different in some ways. One is long and thin, the other is shorter, and thicker. It can’t help itself. The rubber band manufacturer made it that way.


The shorter, thicker rubber band is like some people. They are shorter and stouter than other people. They can’t help it. The people manufacturer made them that way. He seems to like diversity. The long thin rubber band is like other people. Like my college roommate. All 106 pounds of her. She would skip breakfast and lose five pounds. I could look at a cookie and gain five pounds. She couldn’t help it. The people manufacturer made her that way. I’m all for diversity, but this seems a little cruel.

The people manufacturer gave us each our own genetic make- up, inherited from our parents, which they inherited from their parents, and all the way back to Adam and Eve. We are each completely unique, but our uniqueness is drawn from the gene pool that we are a part of.

 Fortunately for those of us who look like the short, stubby rubber band, we don’t have to stay that way. If we try really hard, watch our diets and get more exercise, we can fight genetics and get a bit thinner. Problem is, as soon as we stop fighting and go back to our old lifestyle, we go right back to looking like the stubby rubber band. If we yoyo back and forth a few times, we end up looking like an overstretched rubber band, kind of lumpy and out of shape.


The people who look like the long, thin rubber band seem to have it a lot easier. It takes very little effort for them to stretch out and get even thinner. We are choosing not to hate them. They were just made that way.



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