Unveiling the Most Important Subject There Is – YOU

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Y.O.U. (Yes;Outright Unduplicatable!)

It’s all about coming to KNOW, understand and enjoy the most important person in the world: YOU! Yes, YOU are the single most influential aspect in your world. Without dissecting the various nuances which make up your individual character and personality, coupled with how you relate, interact and connect with others, nothing else matters. YOU are an immensely vast subject. Cosmic in nature, divine in origin, and human in action, you must unravel the purposeful experience of your life while you follow the undaunted path of your Soul’s unfolding. YOU are a Cosmic Experiment who lives, breathes and has its life infused with a healthy dose of enthusiastic curiosity. Every “thing’, person, place and event you are involved with, mirrors YOU! Your life is an on-going ‘fun’ therapy which affords you an ever-flowing stream of spontaneous episodes in which to engage. This self-perpetuated daily walk of observance and tabulation can be filled with a unquenchable thrist of joy unspeakable if you are a mind to receive it. No other accomplishment will substitute for the soul’s rendering of pleasure invested. Use the time, put forth the effort (conscious remembering) and instill the inclination to observe yourself (as a course of fascinating study).

It’s indescribably rewarding! The fact is: YOU are the most captivating subject in the universe. No other study solicits, warrants and commands such invigorating insight and delight.In the beginning and during, what may seem like a solitary walk, in search of your individual expression, YOU, will on occasion, no doubt, stumble, stagger, sway, and succumb to unrelenting insecurities, latent anxieties, and countless self-debasing self-induced ego-filled parasites. YOU instinctively feel, hear, and are able to perceive the artistic vision you yearn to communicate but in the process of your trying to express it, fail miserably. (Or, so it seems.) You will experience what it feels like to be ripped to mental and emotional shreds as you struggle to defeat the demon of self-doubt. Constantly on guard, you will scrutinize yourself hoping to expose any false motive YOU may be hiding. YOU and your world, whether viewed as chaotic or carefully ordered, has been dedicatedly interwoven into the impervious journey of your Soul’s Release and will not be permanently hindered. (No matter the apparent difficulties.) You will be able to endure and flourish either, consciously or unconsciously, as YOU deliberately set about to communicate your specific inner need to connect and express who YOU really are. If YOU remain constant and do not grow too discouraged and dismayed in your continued attempts to still yourself long enough to find, unravel and reveal the purposeful vision, it will enable YOU to relieve some of the hopeless restlessness and utter boredom you have experienced up until this point.

Really, when compared to other more complex and confounded subjects, why is it so necessary to become aware, observe, study and contemplate YOU with such concentrated focus and minute precision? Does it seem relatively insignificant? Because YOU are a multi-faceted, multi-layered, intricate, elaborately designed, musically/artistically/dramatically colorful sexual being who contains multitudes of volumes of ancient history within, as well as, a divinely inspired composite of numerous ‘common everyday’ ordinary untold delectable accounts in emotional involvements/relationships. YOU have something to say. No one else can say it like YOU can. Nobody can do YOU like you can do YOU. YOU have something so vital to remind the rest of us. We are all masters of divine essence we have simply forgotten our sacred artistic heritage. By taking the time to become cognizant of the interrelated sublime world we inhabit, allowing it to penetrate our personal experiences, we are stirred to experience something of such simple, yet glorious wonder which connects us all universally/globally/galactic. By and through intensive delicate study, (ingesting every breath of it) we can immediately realize that we, along with everything we can see, feel, hear or imagine that has ever existed or ever will exist are bound together in a unified reflected divine hologram.

YOU may not be consciously aware of the enormous innate treasure chest of artistic talents and gifts YOU possess. (Due to the fact you’ve never purposely pursued opening “IT” because of a variety of reasons from being embarrassed to erroneously believing you don’t possess any ability.) YOU may, in fact, live your entire life under the false assumption that YOU are not artistic by any stretch of the imagination. YOU may quickly reply: “You’ve got it all wrong. I’m not an artist. Why I can’t even draw stick men in proportion.” That matters not. YOU are a Divine Artist/Creator. YOU are at odds with yourself because the ideas YOU try so fiercely to maintain about yourself are false. Though the notions were necessary for your life on Earth, inaccurate assumptions have been instilled in YOU through faulty teaching, unenlightened reasoning and uninformed conditioning. YOU were taught to respect, admire and stand in awe of others who were supposedly more revered. There is no question that there have been those who have produced breath taking exhibits but what did they have to do with YOU? You were never meant to compare what YOU thought YOU could produce to those highly acclaimed venerated works. YOU are an indelible artistic expression in your own right! YOU have done a magnificent job forming an opinion of yourself as to what it is you THINK you can do and can not do. But, YOU don’t KNOW what you can do. You haven’t done it, yet!!!!!


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