Embarrassment – What’s That?

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We all tend to shy away from situations we think might place us in embarrassing spots. We, none, like to ruffle feathers, upset the apple cart, create waves, or betray the “thieves honor code.” We strive to remain in a position of command, control or at the very least, in an environment where we feel somewhat safe and secure. Bottom line: we don’t want to lose our supposed position of elevation, thought “good” of or most importantly the idea that we are ‘liked’. But, what does that really mean? What are we exchanging in the process for all of this intentional consideration? {self-motivated, of course}

Are we ever in a place where we are able to control the outcome? Not at all. Do we genuinely know who likes us and why. Furthermore, why do we care? The important questions remains: do we like ourselves? No matter what we tell ourselves, (in the process of continual convincing) we have no idea what may happen in the next instant. Yet, we spend so much time worrying, fretting, obsessing about how we look , sound, act and ‘come across’ to others in various circumstances. How much money we have,or are going to accumulate the car we drive, house we live in, substantial career and/or rank in reputation, our formal education and on and on and on…} Why? Could it be that we feel so vulnerable and uncertain as to how it is we are ‘supposed’ to be, we NEED the other person’s opinion of us, more than we need our own?

No doubt, we waste a lot of our time trying to ‘keep it together’. Instead of simply allowing the “rain to fall” where it will. We buy and use umbrellas. We don’t want to get wet, our hair mussed, our clothes soaked or…But, in reality what we are activating is a sense of underlying importance. And, anytime ‘importance’ comes into play, we have major problems. We start making special allowances. We start offering and and asking for favors. Instead of simply acting ‘natural and convenient’ to ourselves and others, we set in motion an unnatural state of ‘being careful’ and ‘courteous’, as if these biological mechanisms are not part of the human being, anyway. Thus sets off the short fuse of people trouble.

The thermostatic trouble begins because we short-change ourselves by not venturing out into the DEEP water of the strange, unlikely, uncommon, unattractive, uninviting, and unfamiliar. We reduce ourselves to anal creatures; afraid of our own shadows. We stay close to shore, either wishing we could try something new and different [and hating ourselves for it]or choosing to live through another vicariously. Either way, we end up feeling ‘Blah’, numbed, unsatisfied, incomplete. Our passionate lives are forfeited. This should not be the case!

One should ask: “What is really preventing me from living the life I dream about? And, IF I believe there is a better more conducive way for me to be enjoying my time on Earth, why am I not pursuing it?” Could the reason be as simple as not having enough interest in the “item of mind’s distraction”? It is a well known fact that energy flows in the direction of interest. But, the interest must be genuine! Your body knows. Because IT is impossible to fool the body, saying you want something and really wanting it is another story altogether.

Desire is a funny creature. You can not make yourself want something {no matter how many times you tell yourself} any more than you can stop yourself from desiring something. But, often times so much time, effort, and emotional output is invested in pursuits that mean nothing more than collaborative daydreaming. A genuine passion exists inside of you. Its definition is undeniable. Its relevance is unmistakable. Your entire life is subdued by, through and in its obvious submergence. LOOK into that face of passion.

What do you find that interests you? Not what you ‘think’ would be successful to acquire but what means the most to you? For the hidden clue, look to the ages between 9 and 12. Where were you at? What were you engaged in? What got shut down? Who died? Who left your life? You possessed an artistic talent(You STILL do) that was inadvertently obstructed. You need to retrieve that part of your denied self. That, alone, is causing you your unrest and dissatisfaction and fear of moving outward. Don’t continue to hesitate. Delve deeply into that part of your life that is buried but kicking.

Life is about fully living each moment in the moment. No restrictions or reservations. We are to experience people, places, things, events, emotions, relationships, spirituality, food, sex, {sex, most especially} “water sports” {skiing, included} without trepidation and concern. Facing each new aspect with no thought of a ‘carried over’ idea of the ‘last time’. It is written we are a “peculiar” people and with that freshly endowed peculiarity we are to drill the soles of our feet into the earth with new vigor, replenished zest.

We are designed to expand the connotation of ‘human’ with unending zeal and enthusiasm. We are alive. Does anyone know it? When is the last time you squealed out loud just for the hell of it? do it, now! Each morning is a new occasion to broaden our adventures in the exploration of self-interest. Discover what intrigues you in the moment of its occurrence. Follow that path,alone. We can never learn and explore the depths, lengths and crevices of who we truly are unless we are willing, ready, and eager to ‘slice the seams open’ of our preconditioned fabric of mundane existence. It does not matter what others say. Who gives a jolly flip what they think? They don’t have a clue, either.

Jump into your life skipping, hopping, jumping rope and swimming to the ends of the Earth. Let’s make love like we’re insane savage creatures of lust and feverish love! Who cares if ‘they’ think we’ve lost our minds doing something so absurd? That ‘s the name of the game; Shockeroo Boo HOO HOO. You ready? Let’s do it!!! If you are waiting on me you’re backing up! I’m in with a spin, a grin and half a fin. I lost the other portion on an Island off Fiji. Did I tell you about the one where I….


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