How to Predict Winter Weather Accurately

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Every year the meteorologists and scientists with other long convoluted extensively garbled sounding names come forth to predict the coming winter weather.

And then there is the aggravation that when you’re watching the 6 o’clock news they tell your to tune in at 11 or if it’s the 11 pm news they tell you to tune in at 9 am the next day or even worse you’re told that the item your interested in will be up momentarily and you wait through commercials and content and more commercials and more news content to have a fifteen or thirty second blurb that should you sneeze you’ll miss the item you’re interested in.  Well,I’m not going to do that. You’re here now; here’s how you can predict the coming winter weather in your area, this year and every year no matter what part of the country you live in.

During late summer or fall go to a woody area near your home. a local park or woods is good..Check the ground and trees for a woolly Caterpillar, get one.
At this time of the year caterpillars’ wool is alternate bands of dark brown or black and light tan to dark orange. Look at the rings. If the rings are light; it will be a moderate winter. If they are dark tan and dark brown; It will be cold. If they are semi-dark to black; winter will be very cold. And if there are no rings and the caterpillar is all black; be prepared for a very severe winter.

The caterpillar pictured was seen in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on August 8, 2009.


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