Is That You? Who?

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Recognizing the Stirring of Sacred Passion

Something inexplicable is stirring in the deepest cavern of your soul; undeniably, you detect its haunting movement. You’ve tried explaining it away with all sorts of rational inner monologues, but nothing quiets the rumbling sounds of discontent. You look in the mirror and see what appears to be ‘the same familiar face’ staring back at you, yet you pause, not altogether certain and question IF in fact THAT person in the mirror (who is determined to stay) is really you. You may go a wee bit further when you’re so inclined to take the extra few moments it requires, to delve a little deeper in philosophically expressed wonderment. “Who are you? Who are you really and what do you want? When was the exact point you decided to take up residency in my body? I stare at you peering back at me with that hint of sarcasm in your refrain and I demand that you tell me how I can expose your genuine intent.” Up until this point, you’ve been able to maintain a ‘passable’ facade by modifying whatever unpleasant emotions you may have felt, denying the ones that bothered you the most while all the time, hiding the rest. But, now, the well-known worn out old tactics you held in reserve no longer work. You find yourself more impatient and less tolerant. It’s not that you want to be unpleasant and less amicable; you simply can’t muster up the phoniness to pull it off as easily. Nothing spectacular has happened to bring on these disturbing sensations, you just can’t force yourself to feel like you did at one time. Of course, you could invent convenient fictitious reasons to explain why you are not the same and point to some fickle inconsequential little thing that caused the change, but in reality you KNOW perfectly well that person, event, situation, occurrence had nothing to do with your ‘absence of feeling.’ You tell yourself, “I’d like to, I really would,” but you know it’s a lie. “Why can’t I be satisfied? Why can’t I leave well enough alone? Why do I have to cause such a scene? Am I really that dissatisfied and selfish ?” You repeat these words over and over but the obscure intent doesn’t budge. You supposedly have everything you want or at least as close to it for the time being but THAT doesn’t seem to make much difference, either. You feel as if something in you has definitely changed or maybe in your partner; you really don’t know for sure. All you know is you don’t like it. People don’t change; seasons do. Your season has changed; it’s as simple as that.

You, as an eagerly evolving entity, (human being) have moved on into the next phase of your life. Though nothing appears any different in your exterior world THAT is not where the seasons change. It’s an inside job! You are experiencing the soil of new growth where plentiful fortuitous offshoots of imaginative activity are beginning to forge their way into the light. These young tender shoots have been hidden, locked away and preserved underground in the cold, dark, moist soil for many years germinating in the maturation process. For this period, in particular, these so-called fragile plants were the repressed gifts and talents that have lain dormant waiting to be released in full power and unmistakable glory. Their ineffable nature is no less than unspeakable works of immense beauty and splendor resulting from the art, music and drama concealed within you. These indestructible gifts are immeasurably linked together with an ‘avenue of expression’ you have not “appropriately pursued”. This unexpected venue of artistic expression is staring you right smack dab in the face but in an unusually surprising interesting way. The door is usually marked, “Enter at thy own risk” but if you do, don’t be dismayed when you end up embarrassed, humiliated, ridiculed or abhorred and first of all misunderstood. {Furthermore, the people who are the closest to you will not comprehend your actions, at all.} It matters not; you must follow the inner call of your soul no matter how absurd it seems to you and others. Whether you realize it or not, in total silence (in the privacy of your mind) have you been honing your individualized sacred craft, {such as Daniel purposed in his heart} researching and writing: through reading, experiencing ‘hands on’ in all levels of flavorful experimental activities, {why else do you think you did some of the things you did} testing the waters until at such time you would be ready to practically and meaningfully apply what you’ve learned. Your creative ideas have been finely tuned and honed in such a way that the final results are nothing short of mind blowing. {Though certainly no one would believe you IF you chose to tell them}. In fact, you even doubt yourself and your adept ability to orchestrate these undisclosed ideas. Original, inventive, pioneering, innovative and unique, you, as a master of divine essence have lived every hour with these unmanifested dreams breathing life into them as the vital essence of your being. You will manifest what you carry inside of you! You can do nothing else.

Why did it take such a long time to come to this realization? Everything in your life points to the fact that for this interim of time you have been in the need of and process of some serious healing. A total voluntary (mental)and partial involuntary (emotional) with (resistant) physical cleansing of the contamination that you have necessarily picked up from living on the earth involved with a negative mix of carry over karma: {for lack of better more definitive term}, mental, physical, verbal, financial, and sexual abuse. Because you were so determined to ‘wipe the slate clean’ you were unwavering in your mind’s choice never to cheat or to run out on your obligations and personal duty. {Even in those times when it seemed you quit, you DID NOT relinquish the objective.} By doing so, you have arrived at the place of being freed from the season of bound up consciousness. In other words, you are finally ready to let go! You have come to that place in your life when you are beginning to understand and appreciate that everything that has ever happened to you happened for divine reasons. Your life could not have been one single solitary iota different. It was all necessary. Accept it! All of it. Not one little aspect could have been left out in order to have brought you to this most marvelous place of a new day dawning.

You needed each and every experience to occur in exactly and precisely the manner they took place, with no exceptions. {Especially the ones that seemed to hurt you the most!} That is exactly why you are wrestling with the sensations that are stirring deep in your gut, now. These remarkably delightful pleasuring wandering sensations are the Divine PASSION in you at work. Yes, they are unmistakably deeply erotic in description. Nothing on the outside of you can remotely touch its burning flavor of rapture!!! For sexuality is highest form of spirituality known to man. {Creative Force} You are communing with the sacred ‘in you’ to find and deliver your truest expression. Can this truly unifying experience do away with daily anxious confrontations and trivial anxieties? Of course, not. NO one is exempt from having to experience the daily menu of problems, tribulations, gnawing fears, frustrating complications and bothersome irritations; the difference is you are no longer identified with them. You are not attached to the outcome any longer. “You’re in the world but not of it.” Now, is the time for you to step forth. Drop that which you know you must (distractions) to do the only thing that brings ultimate bliss for you. You know how to do it. The HOW is wrapped up the WHO.


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