Face of Passion

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Art is the savage expression of authenticity.

The truth is we, as humans, are insatiable pleasure seeking gluttonous creatures who desire a life jam-packed full of erotic passion and spontaneous fun. We want to be continually engaged in overflowing undaunted creative expression, unfurled artistic endeavors, involved in lively witty entertaining relationships, surrounded by intriguing, interesting enlightening friends. We desire to form intimate connections on all levels that support repeated exciting, enthusiastic, gratifying rapturous rendezvous.

We fantasize about the reality of placing no limit or condition on the amount of sex, food, drink, sensual activities or any other joyous derivative measures we care to indulge in. We explore, expose and discover hideous truths because we dare to ask, never settling for someone else’s ideas or opinions. We yearn to laugh uproariously loud and inappropriate barred by no restrictions or restraints until we pee on ourselves. We were born free, innocent and unblemished. We are natural and spur-of-the-moment in our dealings. We have no need to defend, excuse, apologize, or compete. We are committed and loyal to what we choose to be for no other reason other than we want to. We are not now nor will we ever be choked by obligation or cloaked in duty.

It is impossible to make us feel guilt, remorse or regret. We live solely in the present. No one can bind, hinder, obstruct, interfere and oblige our progress. We are relentless in our pursuit of the unutterable divine within and will not be satisfied with anything less than genuine authenticity. We wrestle continuously with vain selfish demonic imaginings too horrendous to speak of. Our inflated egos either diminish or exalt us. But, either way with each merciless stroke of our trembling hand we create. We are the true artists of the world.


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