Mastering the Art of Publishing Books and Making Money

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Writing takes patience, persistence, dedication, and a belief in one’s self.  Sometimes it takes many years before a writer gets his or her book published.  The best way to go about getting one’s book published is educate himself to learn about how the process works.  I would suggest doing thorough research when it comes to publishers and agents.  If an agent or publisher asks the writer for money in order to get his book published and promoted, the best thing for him to do is to stay clear of these folks, in that they are vanity agents and publishers.  The best publisher is the kind that doesn’t ask for any money from the writer.  Not only that, but a publisher who publishes works without charging the writer fees will often give some kind of advancement on the given book.  Don’t be afraid to ask the given publisher questions. 

Take the initiative to do promoting of your book yourself, in addition to the promoting the publisher does.  Post information about your book all over the internet, as well as using the media, by starting with your local newspapers.  Arrange for the Arts and Entertainment editor to grant you an interview and give a review of your book.  Go to your local television stations.  Submit press releases to all the newspapers and television stations in your area.  After you’ve done your home work for local publicity, start going for state publicity and then national publicity.  It’s a good idea for the writer to talk with the management of his or her local book stores and arrange with them for you to do book signings and to give presentations of your books.  The writer should go to his local libraries.  Other sources of publicity are the schools that the writer attended.  Many times the principle or superintendent of given schools will allow for book presentations and book signings.  Going to local colleges and universities to do book signings and give presentations of a given book is another way to promote one’s book.  Put flyers up all over one’s local town.  A writer can get good publicity through mailing information to friends and family, and ask them to spread the word of his or her own book being made available to the public.


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