Small But Tall

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A Paralyzing Secret of Pain and Shame

The little boy hid his head

When the teacher called his name

Skinny arms showed the bones

How life was not a game

Feeling stupid dazed embarrassed, too

Frozen on the spot of dread

All went blank in the world

Of a child a little less than dead

Fear sealed his mouth stripped the sound

No answer was to come

He sat alone stalked and drained

What else could be done?

Brown eyes turned down head peeled away

Dread like heavy lead appeared

As the teacher once more called his name

His heavy heart swelled to sink

In the moment when he could not think

He shut his eyes he would not blink

The sky turned grey sun shot to death

While his mind race like a psycopath

Breath slowed thoughts did not quit

Snatched away the answer she dared solicit

Tear filled eyes face so racy pink

Taunted boy so much on the brink

Others laughed, jeered and mocked

An endless moment of ill repose

The rape occurred deep down in his toes

His heart froze up pumped no blood

Memories soaked in moist grey mud

She’d never understand why he did refuse

But, if she’d ever walked a mile

In the flat soles of his shoes

She’s resign herself to words unsaid

While observing all the clues

But, deep inside, he masked the pain

Silent dignity in tact covered all the shame

He knew, with time and chance on his side

One day he’ be strong enough to rise with the tide

To change the world with inference

He gasped a sigh of raw indifference

Claiming the brunt of his defiant acts

Compensated by life’s raw unaided facts

It did not matter what he said

His fated course decided in a harrowed bed.


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