Satisfying Mates – How Opposites Attract Rewarding Lasting Sexual Relationships

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What does it mean to have or more appropriately be a mate? In the ancient manuscripts, it is written: “…It is not good that man should be alone…” (Paraphrased) Alone? {Secluded, isolated, separate} How many of us are separated from ourselves; not in touch with our innermost sexual being? Could it be that we are so accustomed to meeting the needs of others, we have forgotten or denied the yearnings of our own particular soul’s requirements? In order to be a mate (compliment), one must be fully present within. One is not capable of defining a presence with another when there is nothing viable in the subliminal compartment. Exhilarating mates compliment one another. No one is interested in being duplicated. To try to imitate is not the same as compliment! A relationship does not need TWO of the same.  In that, people, case, one will surely be melancholically alone.

Relationships (most especially satisfying sexual ones) are established and maintained because of the third silent party (binding force) that is instantaneously ignited between the two. This ineffable ‘star like’ connection of energy is sparked, generated and combusted by the fusion of two distinct vibrations coming together to form this merged third binding force. These combustible energies must vibrate at incredible speeds in order to overcome the repulsion that is set off by the closeness of the proximity of their association. At the same time, these distinct pulsating gyrating energies, while vibrating at inculculable incredible speeds (in order to overcome the repulsion associated) are notably distinctively unique and singularly fastened rhythms. IF these inherrently distinctive rhythms were not carried out, ‘established and maintained’ (as separate vibrations) no fusion would occur. In other words, the energies of the two have to be so vehemently irrationally different and opposing in order to merge together to form unity. The complexity involved seems ludicrous but that’s how it works. Therefore, IF one of the energies does not supply the necessary high rate of vibration equal to the other without duplicating it, the union (fusion) will not occur. {Tremendously Oversimplified short lesson in nuclear physics)

Now, after having discussed the illogicality of two energies being utterly opposed in order to be united, one can begin to appreciate the necessity of ‘coming to the table’ with very distinct compositions. In other words, you must be ‘yourself’ and not a replica of the other in order to form a satisfactory union. Now, let us really consider sexuality. The same premise holds more true. You must unfold your specific (seemingly differentiated) biologically induced vibrations (needs) in order to fuse together a mind-altering sexual experience. Wow! What did I just say? I said you need to open up (explore/explode) those hidden repressed sexual fantasies. The ‘idea’ of being experienced lovers is quite appealing to most people but, not necessarily so when it involves raw intimacy. In fact, the sex act is often used as a means to avoid real intimacy.

The ultimate goal would be to be an electrified satisfying sexual partner, as well as, an engaging fascinating effervescent provocatively magnetically stimulating intellectually biologically physically appealing mate. Is this possible? Of course it is. But, not without overcoming the guise to be pleasantly accommodating! In order to be an effectually invigorating attractive mate, (adding interest and intrigue to the relationship) both parties must work on ‘coming clean’ by eliminating proper pretense! Stop yourself from being phony!

This admonition, however, is a very tall order. {Not easily addressed or accomplished} Sexual experiences, most often times, are incredibly private matters, often masking severe pain, shame, and guilt. Human beings erroneously associate pure pleasure with over-ridden exaggerated guiltiness. Instead of being free and uninhibited, they repress, depress, and regress their natural and convenient sexual inclinations and desires. A lot of times, the abuse of alcohol or drugs are involved and used as a means of increasing the assertion or decreasing the inhibition.

Sexual engagements ought to be explosively rejuvenating and wildly expansive, instead of hidden away in the dark untapped by the erotic creative imagination. . As with sexual interactions, most people have an ‘ideal’ way they perceive a relationship should unfold and be upheld. Far be it from the truth of the matter; people have relationships in their minds and not with their bodies. {That’s exactly/precisely why so many problems ensue) Being the ‘ideal’ mate is often heavily masked under a highly disturbing disguised exterior. {That’s where jealousy, rage, envy, competition, insecurity and obsession arises}

Being a ‘mate’ does not imply the ownership of another human being! You are never afforded the opportunity to impose yourself, ideas, or needs onto another. You can openly share, but never coerce through guilt, duty, or responsibility.

When engaged in a relationship, never deny the importance of your commitment to yourself, first, then the other. If you do, you will end up resenting bitterly your contrived actions. Some people are simply not interested enough to invest the energy needed to sustain a vitalizing involvement. To be a vibrant desirable lover requires a certain amount of self-identity that often times borders on being ruthless. The celestial point of a highly sacredly erotic loving fulfilling sustained relationship is not so that the two people will bleed into one another but remain separately sparklingly unified. Hard work, commitment, patience (on/with oneself) is necessary to ‘hold the stone’ until the object of beauty, grace and sexual desire can be chiseled out.

Mates form an incredulously magnificent work of transcendent art to be adored. No human relationship is unsalvageable. Nor, is one to believe that it should be thoughtlessly cast aside without  the intensity of raw honesty necessary to discover what lies beneath. By observing, studying and interacting while investing gut-level sexual responses, so too shall you gaze upon an immesureable ‘work of celestial magnitude.’

Remember always and never forget, the ever elusive loving union is immediately dispersed once you or the other begins to emulate or imitate the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and actions of the mate. The unmistakably distinct experiences of the two, aptly joined, induce the inexpressible joy associated in the union. Never bleed into the other! Embrace the mystery without the need to dissect. No need to resolve each other.

You have not however, been given the liable occasion to berate, belittle, bemoan or begrudge the other. While in the union, no matter how much time and distance is involved, both parties are to respect the discreet decisions of each other. A shared union involves undisclosed secrets. Accept this undeniable fact of life! Experience a combined manifestation of never being fully aware of the reserved caring and perplexing understanding necessary for the growth of the relationship. In order for it to continue to bloom, it must continue to present on-going paradoxes and ambiguities.

Mates can never become so identified with one another without the negative hindrance reflected in the relationship.

Any insecurity associated is merely a self-reflected unresolved trait that needs self-observation. No such thing as mistakes in a perfectly orchestrated union. Realize this undeniable element as the glue that holds the two of you together. Allow yourself and the other to make as many (so-called) mistakes as is necessary to evolve. Eliminate all rules, regulations, boundaries and restrictions attached to the union. Remain free, detached, and sexually dynamic. If policed judgments and warden retaliations are not carefully witnessed and gauged, the seeds will corrode the relationship into non-existence. To lose the sexual uniqueness of the parties involved is nothing short of a zombied death that refuses to disintegrate.

How do you recognize if this state is taking place? {By the amount of sheer boredom, restlessness, and inner disgust associated with simple things.} Insignificant matters loom paramount! Arguments ensue on a daily basis over matters that are inconsequential. The truth of refrain cannot be emphasized enough: you must be malleable but inert in order to embrace the other. The initial attraction was based on the inestimable mysterious qualities that are better left hidden. No matter how close you would like to be, you must remain somewhat aloof. Remember: familiarity does in fact, breed  contempt. Restrain your boiterous ego from trying to manipulate the other in order to produce for you. He/she is not your sea captain! No matter how much you may disagree or choose to believe otherwise; you will NEVER EVER completely know your mate. Erotically, That’s a very good thing!!!


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