Figuring Out Bukisa

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A lot of you have asked me how to do certain things on this site. First of all I must say I am as new as you are but have done a bit of snooping around to see what we can do and don’t.

First of all to make money here you need to do three things. There are only three key areas we need to touch on and they follow below.

1. Post

2.Have a friend join under you

3. Stumble till you can’t any longer.

Ill talk about posting first. Bukisa does not have its picture option up and running yet, so what I have done to solve that problem is copy the picture or pictures you want to post and paste them into your text part of the post. The other thing people have been asking me a lot is how to post poetry that is not 250 words. I solved this by writing a couple paragraphs to explain what I was writing about. This makes up the entire text and before you know it you have reached the 250 minimum word count, it’s that simple.

Now lets talk about having someone join under you. On your Bukisa page there is a link on the right side of the page. This is your special link to have someone join under you. The benefits of this means you not only make money off your posts but also a bit off your friends and their friends too. This is a down line and has the potential for all of us to make a lot of money. I have made more on this site in a little over a week than I made in three months on one of the competitive sites. This site also does not require you to make a ton of friends to make any money. There are a lot of folks here for you to be friend if thats what you want to do though.

The third and final part and does not matter where you have your posts posted is to stumble, stumble,stumble. Book marking your posts to as many social book marking sites as you can will bring you more page views thus more money. I have checked around a lot, because to be honest posting all those sites is a pain in my butt and sometimes takes more time than to actually write the article, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

I have been hearing the buzz going around about Bukisa and some is good and some is bad, but my experience here so far has been a good one. I have not had any of my posts denyed and have not heard any feed back from anything I have up. I know this is a new site and is still working out what needs to be worked out, but I do feel I have found my new home.


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