Benefit the Greater Good… Help Children in Need!!

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Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Have you ever wanted to help someone in need? Well here is how you can make a major difference in someone else’s life. And the reward is a feeling you will not regret.

For those of you who are not aware… One of the leading causes of death in other countries is from infections in open wounds. Children walk barefoot for miles and miles everyday for food and water while getting cuts on their feet. These cuts get infected. Check out this site you can select from a wide variety of styles. For about $52.00 you can find a pair that you will enjoy which will really go a long way. For every pair you buy a pair is given to a child.

Here is how you can get Involved:

If you don’t already know, “Style Your Sole is people coming together to express themselves and help children in need by customizing their own blank, canvas TOMS”

This is all about creativity and having fun while helping to put shoes on children’s feet.

Host your own Style and Sole Party!

Participants are only limited by their imaginations.

Step 1: Set a date and time for your party. Start promoting! and remember to gather shoe sizes and collect money from all your guests

Step 2: Place your bulk order online NO LATER than 2 weeks before your party to be sure you get the shoes on time.

“Of the planet’s six billion people, four billion live in conditions inconceivable to many. Let’s take a step towards a better tomorrow.”

GET INVOLVED and spread the One for One Movement!


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