Ahmadinejad: nuke talk? – No thanks

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After being elected President Barak Obama pursued a passive agenda in regards to Ahmadinejad and his radical government. In fact the President decided to extend overtures to the Mid-East nation in a way to change their minds, after the election of Ahmadinejad and his brutal and absolutely disgusting crack-down of opposition protests, Obama decided to say nothing and hide from the issue.

The Israeli’s who have much more to lose than the United states have warned that negotiating with Iran is a waste of time and more serious actions should be taken to stop or halt Iran’s Nuclear missile technology and its pursuit of uranium enrichment. The Russian’s are unconvinced that Iran is seeking a Nuke bomb, however the latest news of Iran’s plans to not talk about its Nuclear goals or to even have its Nuclear technology on the negotiating table with the States is a clear signal of defiance to the United States and should bring the United Nations together on further sanctions.

The Obama Administration has made it a goal to reach out to the Arab World and to built trust and respect between the Muslim World and the West. The latest stalemate in negotiations or the chances of negotiations with Iran are a extremely hurtful blow to the Administration and no doubt a new weapon against President Barak Obama by his political adversaries.

The White House has given the Iranian’s until September to come to the negotiating tables and after six months of this wait-and-see approach its clear that it was a absolute waste of time by the United States and there will be a price to pay. The Iranian’s say they will not negotiate on “obvious rights of the Iranian Nation”.


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