Young Frankenstein (DVD)

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Young Frankenstein is a comedy horror movie directed by Mel Brooks and is based on the famous novel Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley. The film was released in 1974 and I saw it recently on my Sky box and decided to watch it.

It is about a neurosurgeon Frederick played by Gene Wilder has inherited his grandfather`s castle, his grandfather is the famous Dr Victor Frankenstein who tried to reanimate dead bodies he goes to see the castle. Frederick has been trying all his life to separate himself from his family and goes even so far as to change the pronunciation of his name! Upon arrival he finds Igor an old hunchback, Inga a pretty lab assistant and the strange housekeeper Frau Blucher. After a while, Frederick discovers his grandfather’s lab and more importantly a book about how he made the monster. Assisted by Igor and Inga he sets to work… 

The first thing I would like to say about this film is that it is filmed in black and white to create the old horror movie feeling and this in my opinion works very well and makes the film even funnier. The cast all do a good job and I find Igor played by Marty Feldman is my favourite character and I found him and his eyes very funny to watch. If you watch the film watch out for his hump on his shoulder! The graphics and special effects are very bad and are meant to be which makes the film even more hilarious. As I have said this is a very funny horror movie which is not scary at all! Young Frankenstein is quite a short film at only 106 minutes and the time just flew by! I would recommend this film to anyone as it is very funny and for that reason I rate it 5/5. 

This review is for the film only as I saw it on Sky so don`t know what special features it has. This review may be found on other sites under the names mariofan123 and ns1209. 


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