How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Provider for You

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cellphone-main_Thumb.jpg cell phone companies

  1. Step 1cellphoneservice_Thumb.jpg check cell phone service

    SERVICE – do some research and find out which cell phone companies have the best service in your area. you may get a better signal with some companies and some may not even offer service in your area.

  2. Step 2dollarsign_Thumb.jpg compare prices

    COST – figure out which plan is best for you and then compare similar plans from different companies. most are pretty similar in cost but you could save a few dollars or one plan may have an additional perk or two, like more minutes, roll over minutes, earlier nights and weekend times, etc. it pays to compare.

  3. Step 3discount_Thumb.jpg check on any discounts

    DISCOUNTS – some cell phone companies offer discounts for state employees or if you work for a certain company, so ask around about it. you could save even more money.

  4. Step 4freecellphone_Thumb.jpg ask about free phones

    FREE PHONES – cell phone companies often run promotions where you can get a free phone by signing up for a new plan. they will also sometimes offer a free phone as an incentive to renew your contract if your contract is getting ready to expire. cell phones can be pretty expensive, so getting a free phone can be a nice perk to look for.

  5. Step 5moneybackguarantee_Thumb.jpg ask about a money back guarantee

    MONEY BACK GUARANTEES – some cell phone companies also offer a money back guarantee or allow you to get out of your contract if you are a new customer. these guarantees often range between 7 and 30 days, depending on the company and not all companies offer these guarantees so it’s best to ask first.


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