Beck List: Next – Diversity Czar

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Fairness Doctrine!!!… Oh NO!, well… yes if your listening to Beck. Taking his audience to a time when Radio was under the control of the government as a way to prevent air ways from colliding in one-another, he asked his audience and the rest of America if they will “allow the FCC to trample” their first Amendment rights and diversity.Listening to that you’d think the FCC has some plans in stored right?… not exactly.

Mark Lloyd while working at “The Center For American Progress” a few years ago wrote an article called shedding light on what he called the “structural imbalance of political talk radio”. This article highlighted the unfairness of talk radio and argues that conservatives have control of talk radio which has caused problems in the US regulatory system. One should note that it is his right to view his own opinion, one of which many people, many liberally minded people share. However Glen beck and Conservatives now marching by his horn of command are seeking to un-sseat Mark Lloyd in his position in the administration.

One would think this is a deliberate attempt to smear the FCC and Mark Lloyd, however if one takes in the information from Glen Beck seriously and looks deeper, everyone could understand his vexation and anxiety towards the Czar tree and their motives and goals. Glen Beck truly believes that the Obama Administration is out to transform the United States climactically. This belief has cause Glen to focus his full attention to Obama’s Czar system which is causing a buzz in North American Politics.

Glen Beck is perplexed that the Obama Administration could allow so many of what he calls “radicals” into the administration and to be paid by tax dollars, dollars he’d prefer not to give to Czar’s. Glen argues that because in teh past the Government controlled radio, which was the main source of news, that they will do it again and in the interest of this Presidency.

Glen Beck is not going to let up however, everyone could only imagine what he’s got stored for America, what he’s dug up on FCC Diversity Czar for this evening at 5:00 pm. The One thing everyone can be assured of is the fact that Glen will not leave any stones unturned and will not allow any passes on Mark Lloyd.


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